The Devil’s in the Detailz: The Untold Stories That Made Me Brave

I’ve been through a lot in my life, as most of us have.

But, my path has been very trying, tumultuous & tragic, more than the average person. I have been to hell & back, love, lost, endured, rebounded, fell, crashed, burned, came out swinging, scrambled to stay alive & survived by the skin of my teeth (several times). I came from a place of total despair, depression, defeat, anguish, anger & issues. To now be here, is an incredible accomplishment. Yes, I appear virtually unscathed & all my limbs & faculties are intact. Things could have been worse. However, the personal impact of anyone’s plight should never be up for debate.

We all have a story. Don’t we?

That said, I would really like for folks to READ MINE. I didn’t endure it for no reason, live to tell, or write about it just for myself. There are important lessons embedded, wisdom imparted, fresh perspectives to be had. It’s a powerful script of what NOT to do. It’s a reminiscence of an archive of broken pieces & how they can magically fall back together. Furthermore…

It took a lot of courage to do this.

So much so, that I originally published “The Devil’s in the Detailz” buried in the back of my latest book “Pandora’s Box Is Burning.” But now, after I decided I wasn’t afraid to be seen or heard… it got wings. Big ass ones. I can assure you, you’ll dig it.

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