Chapter eleven: The Contract of Commitment & Affirmation

Here we have the last chapter. It is the shortest chapter of all. This chapter begins with the analogy of a “haunted house.”
It discusses how with any significant shift in consciousness, there will always be an interval of adjustment. It uses the “haunted house” metaphor to connote how “ghosts” of past patterns and habits may attempt to keep our proverbial “house haunted.” However, it bolsters confidence by assuring their temporal stature. The moving forward process will unquestionably prevail in due time, with perseverance and commitment. This leads us to the crux of this chapter: “The Contract of Commitment.”
The author designed a special page for the reader to read, sign and date. This is an official-like documentation drawn for the readers choice to commit to the moving forward process, if he so chooses. Having a signed and dated authenticated document pertaining to an ethereal inner commitment, allows for the theoretical element to be more verifiable and valid. The reader’s new commitment can be posted on a wall or refrigerator as a friendly reminder of his solemn pledge.
Lastly, we have the most treasured and valuable part of the entire book: “The Affirmation Pages.” These three and a half pages of fluent affirmation suggestions are built to assist the reader to promote their individual moving forward process. The word “affirmation” means: declaration of truth. This affirmation contains all positive proactive guide words to empower an individual to uncover their own personal self-realizations, goals, and dreams. The author has compiled areas of positive thought form, reinforcing words, and power phrases, in order to assist a person to get or stay on the “right” track. The track, of course, that leads to the impending infinite access to the magical Divine overflow of: Beautiful Feelings!

As always….thank you kindly, for joining me today.


I wrote the book to help others excel, grow, recharge, feel good, gain gifts and knowledge. It was a selfless mission.

Thank you for following this mission.



Enjoy this gorgeous sparkly day!! Feel the breeze, notice the sky, and don’t forget to smile, just because……:)

Chapter Two: Let the Beautiful Games Begin!


Chapter two introduces the reader to the concept of “Beautiful Feelings” and how they affect us and others. This chapter explains the responsibility we have in creating our own karma. It epitomizes the power we have in the creative process. It denotes how it might very well be the time to realign to our birthright to claim what’s truly ours as a human race: Beautiful Feelings.
Moving forward, the chapter opens up the portal of imagination by introducing them for the first time. It personifies a multitude of imaginative endeavors, memories, moments, and things we can all relate to. The very things that do indeed create those warm and fuzzy sensations, the esteemed anecdotes I am calling: Beautiful Feelings. They are broken down into 6 sub-genres:
A. Summertime
B. Coincidence, Synchronicity, Serendipity, Synergy & Harmony
C. Sleepytime Tea
D. Things that make ya go……Hmmmm
E. Life is good
F. Caring and kids
In closing, Chapter one leads us reverently into the big vast vault of the miraculous mind for further investigation…

….on into Chapter Three: “Thoughts explained”

To be continued…