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Our planet deserves exoneration from the old worn-out, played-out, shot-out, discombobulated, asinine, shit-show of a pain program that has been nestled so recklessly deep into its core functionality. Poor thing. Therefore, your super support is supremely valuable to this mission of light & love. The team effort of like-minds focusing on & expanding Truth is CRUCIAL to our world, population & planet becoming whole again & FREE.

My platforms are a public service, brought to you by Elite Spirit Team Six & JZapp (me) who channels the messages. Furthermore, going forward, I would love, love, LOVE to be able to give my books away for free! Note: there’s already tons of free stuff HERE: (hit the Righteous Resources tab!)

This mission is a sacred & significant worthy cause making the world a better & brighter place from the inside out with every single fleck of text. It’s no secret that Poverty Consciousness has been a streaming, live & active program running within the hearts & minds of all the people who have thus been branded with the Status Quo’s incessant propaganda since birth. It is TIME to reclaim our Divine birthright!

It is time for ALL of us to be PROSPERITY CONSCIOUS, abundant, & connected to wealth, fortune & favor by a default gear. Spending time on my platforms & reading the content offered will provide anyone with indispensable TOOLS. This opportunity to get your THRIVE on while learning how to sustain itMATTERS.

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In giving, WE RECEIVE. Gracious deeds done when no one is looking are the kind of deeds that ironically DO NOT GO UNNOTICED by the Law of Attraction & the energetic whiplash of a good karmic cache. Cache, cash… interchangeable words here, lol. Your one-time or reoccurring charitable gift will be handsomely boomeranged 1000-fold because YOU, my friend, are an heir to a holy throne.

YOU are a beneficiary to the GOOD LIFE

Your birthright to the Universal Currency of glorious God Wealth, unlimited supply, awesome abundance & gorgeous gain is AT HAND. Pardon my French… but, F*** original sin… the TRUTH is: we each have ORIGINAL WIN.

F*** original sin… the TRUTH is: we each have ORIGINAL WIN! 🙂

Endorse the Greater Good, fam!

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of my Books & Merch goes to benefit the following


Merch in its humble beginnings…

“My Still Small Voice… IS LOUD!” Bumper Sticker

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