Yep. We all go thru ’em. Phases.

No matter how cheap, fleeting, undeniably rash… they may appear to be at times… they are true to our nature, at the very core of our DNA strands & thus very notable indeed.

We are endowed with human tendencies that are riddled with fancy cologies & conditions & isms. We are a breed of people that yes… innately have a lush fondness for things BUT… also indefinitely harbor a rather intense disdain for things. We have moods & attitudes; raging hormones & health conditions; standpoints & viewpoints; beliefs & standards. Often we wake up not only on the wrong side of the bed, but face down on the floor board next to it.

I am compelled to say: we humans are just birthed with a sense of juxtaposition toward our fellow man or any disruptive climate, at that. We like to fight, argue, pick on each other, spat, spar, bicker & rumble. We enjoy healthy competition, formidable opposition, a dispute, a good debate, a daring challenge.47998932-grunge-quya-n-anh-a-a-ng-la-c-poster-va-in-va-i-gafng-tay-a-a-m-ba-c-vafn-ba-n-sunburst-va-texture-g

I feel good about the idea that we all experience this very same feature. Human hood is strewn with beautiful blending energies of similarity & oneness through our shared common differences. It appears to be the great paradox of the 3 dimensional realm.

That said, let us celebrate our feuding qualities & conflicting characteristics. Let’s be grateful for our enemies & oppositions… for they neutralize the air of extremity, balance the high tide of compulsion, secure the grounding cord of our convictions & bless us with the kind of challenges that either prove our theories further or force us to reevaluate deeper.

Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer. Be vigilant. Observe. Learn the lessons that are indeed offered & revealed via opposition. Sight the signs, spot the symbols, coincidences, messages, red flags & green lights. Any one or thing that may appear to be said “enemy” is only just the Universe declaring a friendly voice of either reason or validation; &/or also providing us with the possibility of another better more beneficial path. A redirect, if you will. An escape route you may or may not have known you needed.

The devil’s advocate is actually a sheep dressed in wolfs clothes. Our only battle we ever have is with our ability to speak our truth, know ourselves & love unconditionally thereof. The only war we are engaged in, is the war with self doubt, fear, scarcity, lack & limitation.

Suit up with the gear of FAITH. Be armed with the sword & shield of KNOWING. Disbelieve in any false idea of an evil militia outside of ourselves seeking to attack our best interest  & highest good with bad news. There is no bad news. Only good news. Fling up the antenna & perceive the real deal: The only “enemy” is within. Period.

Be triumphant today. Respond, react, cope, accordingly. Our true point of power is within our ability to handle life. It’s not what happens to us, it is indeed how we handle it. Handle it graciously & gracefully, no matter what happens. The rewards will be generous & handsomely distributed to the “good sport.”

Don’t be a sore loser or a poor me Polly, a violent Valerie, road-rage Ronnie, Angry Allen or Betsy blamer. Rise to the occasion, don’t just bite the bullet, but chew it like gum, blow a nice big bubble & then decide to take antagonism &/or defeat out for ice cream on a sunny day.



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