The War in Afghanistan: The Trillion Dollar Bonfire

The following few paragraphs are a little off the cuff. But, the iron is hot, so I’m striking. Honestly, this is probably another one of the best articles I ever wrote to date. It checks all boxes. Plus, it’s short, for all you attention deficit-ers on the roster. Don’t be shy, check it out!

That said, I actually did the math. The 20-year war that the tragedy of 911 cost American taxpayers was approx 150 million dollars A DAY. Yes, a day, & that calculates to almost ONE TRILLION dollars for the entire fruitless escapade. Strategically brainstormed by the “Military Industrial Complex,” this war’s ulterior motive was to grow more wealth for the greedy oligarchs (of all countries involved) behind the scenes, pulling the strings, for their own selfish gain. The hidden agenda here, was to profit at the cost of human lives. Fair & just, NO. Criminal, YES.

Fun Fact: The “military industrial complex” is a term referring to all the components of a nation’s military establishment, including the private businesses involved in producing weapons and other military equipment. The term was popularized by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who used his last official speech to denounce the rise of the military industrial complex. Eisenhower warned that the growth of the defense industry posed a threat to democracy.

As far as I’m concerned, inflation of the USD is NOT due to anything other than this big-ticket item: WAR.

Read that again. Why? Because, that’s a HUGE deal. The Federal Reserve had been printing money all this time not for us… but for a so-called “war” that was a total waste of time & energy. And this is a war in a long lineage of wars, combat missions, etc., that we have been paying for with hard-earned tax dollars for decades. Then, the media & powers that be, blame inflation on who or what they want us to believe caused it. It’s an inside job, people. Government overspending was never a president’s fault, per se, or a particular political party. It is not the fault of anything but the “Military Industrial Complex” & all its henchmen. Period. Hopefully no suits come banging at my door in the middle of the night for saying it.

Regarding the Afghan 20 Year War, the American machine has spent money on:

  • Deployment, travel, weaponry, equipment, housing, & sustenance for military personnel
  • Development & training of foreign military personnel
  • Accommodations & protection for their interpreters & all families involved

Money was spent way beyond the means of the American economy.

One million dollars a day seems a little steep, don’t ya think? What costs that much? We, will NEVER know the truth. Good thing it’s now ending, because it was obviously just a temporary fix, as we are now in the real-time process of witnessing. I’m no fan of being in or out of Afghanistan. It’s ALL, a humanitarian crisis… any way you slice it. The tawdry tribes of terrorists lurking over there with corrupted files & trashed moral compasses really need to attend a psilocybin retreat in the mountains of Tibet. They really need to seriously chill–the–F–out, meditate, do yoga, sip nectar, stargaze, bond with trees & get back in touch with their soul light. For god sake.

As for America… we have been playing the role of “temporary keeper” for these people for 20 years. When, essentially, what they really needed was a facilitator of transformation for every level of their infrastructure. What they really needed was & is a righteous diplomatic team of leaders who can meet them where they are, & get them on their feet as a nation, empower them, & activate their avatars. They MUST learn to begin to operate on a 21st-century mindset made of proper industrious, equitable standards. Their version… that they seem so hell-bent on holding onto, is an outdated Viking mentality of dictatorship & Draconian rule of law that is criminal, straight up. It’s not rocket science, what they desperately need is to implement an updated smart government & SUSTAIN IT!

Get with the program, weird controlling Isis variants & twisted Taliban cavemen with mental illness & illegal automatic weapons. They are like a bunch of immature, insecure, unloved & neglected school shooters who live in mom’s basement & play violent racy video games they boosted off the dark web.

America stuck its neck out, made senseless sacrifices, was wounded, traumatized & spent to the max, on every level, just to “help” the Afghan people “succeed.” Yet, at the end of the day, none of it mattered. The collective areas in the Middle Eastern district of Afghanistan… appear to look & feel exactly the same as when we first started the mission 20 years ago. One trillion dollars didn’t “buy” much, in my view. There is no evidence of value as far as I can see. No fundamental growth seems apparent, no infrastructure was built, no well-oiled operations of government, education, health care, community centers, libraries, sport & recreation centers, parks, arts, or theater.

Yeah, right, that even sounds awkward & not even applicable. Modern civilization seems to elude these folks somehow, trapped over there in a time warp of old paradigms. The towns & cities are still being bombed, looted, raped, & pillaged. It looks like a Third World dusty war zone filled will uncivilized people who are completely lumped together in some Godzilla movie running to escape. That’s not what pouring a trillion dollars into something should look like. 150 million dollars a day? That place should look like a golden, shimmering, impeccable OZ land by now with little birds that live in money trees & shit diamonds.

On the contrary, men, women, children, elders & the sick or disabled are now in danger, & being oppressed by a reckless regime that should have been completely wiped out to begin with when boots hit the ground 20 years ago. After tossing the bad apples, utilizing our military’s skills & abilities to help the Afghan people to grow & advance as a society, culture & government that mirrored American democracy, would have been the WISE thing to do. Instead, we spent countless days & dollars on teaching them how to prepare for battle, master combat & fight, & obviously, this did not work out as planned. If we ever encounter a situation like this again as a nation of citizens, we as an American collective unit should rightfully make an executive decision to do the wise thing, which turns out, is also the RIGHT THING. Bonus! War is obviously… not the answer. Ya think?

Love wins. The end.

  • The United States has spent more than 2.3 trillion dollars on the war in Afghanistan
  • Millions, if not billions were mismanaged & carelessly WASTED
  • 2400+ American service members have died, & 50,000+ have been wounded
  • 200,000+ Afghans have been killed, many of them civilians

Stay tuned for my Tribute to 911>>> “Remembering the Twins: The 20 Year Rewind,” which will be published on 9/1/21, the 20 year anniversary.

Break The Chains


“We used to call the nexus of private interests and national defense the “military-industrial complex.” But that Cold War term no longer fits. “Industrial” does not capture the breadth of the activities involved. And “military” fails to describe the range of government policies and interests implicated. Over the past two decades we’ve seen transformations that include new government reliance on private security firms, revolutions in digital technology, a post-9/11 surge in the number of veterans, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). What we have now could be called a “National Security Corporate Complex.” —

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