War-Torn Shoes: A Gritty Glimpse

From an enlightened standpoint, Ukraine’s karma is coming up to be cleared~

As unfair & ironic as it may seem, it is progress in the right direction. It is a necessary evil, if you will, in order for this particular healing process to play out, but that doesn’t make the reality of it any less gripping. I’m sure we could all agree, that walking in the war-torn shoes of a Ukrainian, would be anybody’s worst nightmare.

These days, the word Ukraine has become synonymous with pain… 

misfortune, death & destruction, loss, grief, gross misconduct, war crime, & even genocide. The mere thought of walking in war-torn shoes for just one minute is daunting. Never before has it been so apparent, how lucky we are to live in America & be protected by its honorable codes. Never has it been so apparent how much we take for granted… like a big fresh vibrant salad or a big sparkly sun-filled sky. These folks are living in dirty subway tunnels with rats, for god sake, underground, eating canned goods & not seeing the light of day for weeks.

If you are older, younger, a man, woman, child, teen & the tables were turned…

despair, dread, depression, sadness, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, loss, grief, & raw unmitigated FEAR could be your reality. You might feel cheated, duped, forsaken, cornered, trapped. Ugh, what a bitch. These people are having to live out the unfinished business of their ancestors, the “karma” rising to the surface to be cleared, the leftover remnants of times past. Remember the 1930s? When Jews & Ukrainians were both viciously slaughtered by the Nazi regime? We would be remiss to not acknowledge that a variation of (his) story is repeating itself.

The German philosopher Georg Hegel famously said, “The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

The notion of walking in war-torn shoes is as undesirable as it gets~ 

If walking in the shoes of a beloved actor or musician is the most coveted by all, then being a Ukrainian right now would be the most objectionable. Who wants to be a moving target? Who wants to wake up not knowing where their next meal is coming from or fretting about where to go or what to do? Who wants to be urgently forced to ditch all they own & the precious life or business they built & relocate to foreign soil with just a backpack, on a wing & a prayer? Who wants to wake up in someone else’s unfamiliar quarters? Or worse… who wants to sleep on eggshells in their own bed & have nightmares come true as bombs suddenly drop in the yard & neighbors cry out desperately losing limbs & loved ones.

Walking in war-torn shoes would be like walking through the set of a slasher movie~ 

Dead bodies around every corner, devastation, sobbing, fright, fear, paranoia, entrapment, Armageddon-like scenery. What a big fat Debbie downer. Putin fittingly named Vlad like the “Impaler” of vampire folklore… is the evil villain perched like a pirate in the stone-cold castle on the hill, above the minions he controls & the blind citizens he poisons with lies. He is the ultimate antagonist of our day. I really thought it would be Kim Jong-un that won that contest… but, Putin clearly takes the cake… even though fat boy looks like he has a few cakes in his arsenal. Move over Stalin & Hitler, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Walking in war-torn shoes is unthinkable to spoiled western world archetypes~ 

Americans are immersed in creature comforts 24/7, even the poorest people of our nation have access to food pantries, care & programs. All American citizens are protected by The Constitution, Bill of Rights, the justice system & law enforcement. We couldn’t dare imagine what being at the mercy of a threatening, dark, lawless dictator would feel like. We post whatever the heck we want, we carry on as if no one is looking. We are allowed to question authority & do our own research. We can Google whatever we want & read whatever we wish. We can make our own choices the way we see fit.

We are indeed privileged, if not… spoiled. Most of us couldn’t even fathom not having enough cream for our coffee in the morning. We complain of supply chain shortages, food prices, & gas prices. God forbid, the store doesn’t have our usual brands. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are fleeing for their life, being tortured, injured, or suffering horrible deaths. Mexicans are escaping their own people due to extreme violence. The Middle East is still a hotbed for Sharia Law & all its awful injustices to women. South Africa just had a catastrophic mudslide disaster, with 10s of thousands literally washed away. Aside from gun violence, twisters & wildfires… America never looked so good!

Regarding Ukraine, The actual condition of that region looks like the surreal imagery of a violent video game~ 

Hungry, sick, not getting basic needs met… these folks are not just out of toilet paper but shit out of luck. No doctor or dentist on speed dial for an emergency. Expectant mothers had been giving birth in questionable freezing cold dank basements. Forget blowing off steam or a little healthy distraction… the sale of alcohol is suspended. Bars are closed. Recreational relief is banned. All markets & stores have been compromised. Playgrounds & parks are battlegrounds. “Business as usual” will never be the same kind of usual again. In the end, the country of Ukraine will have to be built back up again from the ground up, from scratch. “Putin’s War” will be the new line of demarcation that goes down in history, distinctly separating eras: before Putin’s war and after Putin’s war.

The new adverse karmic imprints this war zone is accruing~ 

will indeed infiltrate generations to come with embedded trauma. The PTSD alone will significantly define this neck of the woods for the next stretch of years. The ghosts of those gone too soon, mercilessly slaughtered, irreverently executed will haunt this ground zero until mass healing takes place on a fundamental level. The clean-up factor runs deep into core wounding & ancestral unfinished business. These people have a lot of work to do concerning the integrity of not just their land & infrastructure, but their precious, compromised legacy as a nation. Furthermore, their hearts, minds, bodies & souls are gonna need a years-long zen retreat. That said, communities best be EXTRA mindful of the threat of silent killers: depression, mental Illness, & suicidal tendencies within a population who may have a tough time coping or bouncing back from all this.

Mental health workers, counselors, therapists, coaches, healers, holistic practitioners… 

now would be a good time to form an alliance for the damaged people of Ukraine. Again, these people are having to contend with not only their own karma but the karma of their ancestral roots, even as new trauma & adverse karma seems to be piling on at an unrelenting pace. It would be wise for the Ukrainian government to design an entire program tailored to the healing process to be implemented into every nook & cranny of the renovated infrastructure in the days to come. Ukrainians will be needing all the help they can get to indeed make this be the LAST time they attract such a hellish scenario. Let this be the LAST time this kind of bull shit EVER goes down. Karma, be gone! Unfinished business, take a hike! This community must be healed & reconciled to freedom from the inside out. True freedom & “independence” comes from within. The INNER work of the Ukrainian people is at hand.

Russia, you ask? Well… they need healing too~ 

Going forward, after the cease-fire of “Putin’s War” takes place, there will be an on slot of soul-searching from all who lost loved ones, all the citizens that begin to learn the truths behind all the lies they were force-fed & lastly, all the soldiers who make it out alive. Putin’s egoic reign will melt, like the Wicked Witch did, into the abyss from whence it came. Not saying Putin will ever have a change of heart, but Love WILL win, one way or another. With any luck, it’ll be when his ass is six feet under & anyone left like him is tossed into the dirt too, to be recycled into the Earth Mother for transmutation. For those who didn’t get the memo: darkness no longer has a place on this planet. New Earth has risen, & her laws are NOT debatable.

New Earth, has a zero-tolerance policy for darkness~ 

Darkness AKA: B. S. (Belief Systems & Bull Shit), untruths, lies, & old programs. The outdated system is dying a slow death at present before our very eyes, & all those to witness its rebirth into New Earth are the “chosen ones,” if you will. I am a New Earth transformational leader & a vibrational influencer. I will rock the boat as long as I live. If you are on the boat, you can rock it with me until all the B.S. flies out & we can all begin again to have a smooth sail.


Thank you for reading! 

Here’s a list of the top-rated charities to help the Ukraine relief effort:


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