The Moral Compass Has Officially Exploded

Welcome to Monday’s Beautiful Rant!

(Grab your coffee for this)

👉If Herschel Walker & his supporters are what the future of politics looks like in America… then we are way more spiritually bankrupt than I thought (and F***ed).

👉If the current President of the United States is calling in “Armageddon” by speaking it into existence across the airwaves of mass media… then Biden is way more unenlightened than I thought (& senile).

👉If spending BILLIONS of dollars on a war isn’t considered completely ludicrous & the prime cause of poverty in this world (& inflation & gas prices etc) then humans are way more blind, deaf & dumb than I thought.

👉If fat ass Kim Jong-un is still on this planet playing with fire… then karma is a lot slower than I thought & humanity at large is clearly still attracting bullies in order to learn hard lessons. North Korea is a hotbed for unacceptable diabolical behavior & needs to be completely renovated… like “Punisher” style.

Last but not least…

👉If someone like weirdo Putin, an egomaniac psychopathic cretin is allowed to SINGLE-HANDEDLY dictate an entire shitshow of hell on earth right now for all the world to see… then international leaders at large are big fat pu**ies, way more than I ever thought possible. Where’s John Wick when you need em?


Can I get an AMEN?!

Have a great week everybody!✌️⚡😎

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