The Second Coming of Christ: The Lie Exposed

Lie: Jesus, the variation of a Caucasian male, is coming back to Earth in the flesh to re-save all the folks who are “good Christians.” Landing in a beam of sparkling light in some miraculous way on the side of a mountain or spontaneously in a parking lot, he will then shepherd his people to safety to this imaginary place called “New Earth” that looks like the pictures that used to be printed on the side of those Mormon pamphlets in 1990.

Truth: Jesus never left & resides in all of us equally. It is up to each & every one of us no matter what our religion, faith, color, culture, or creed… to exercise our free will daily, to ALLOW the Grace of the God Force to animate our existence moment to moment. Being the change we wish to see in the world will inevitably cause “New Earth” to take over as the new improved version of Earth that is inhabited by a better, lighter, more love-filled society. This society will indeed be populated with awake citizens who are empowered co-creators as opposed to sleeping sheeple who play the victim card.

Conscious (woke) citizens are people who are awakened to this truth & not fairy tale versions of it. This famed “New Earth” is made of people who are consciously choosing to coexist with “Christ/Cosmic/Unity Consciousness” which, for the record, IS Jesus Christ. To all the Christians out there who teach, preach, believe, behave, practice & promote some distorted version of events where Jesus, the man, actually comes back to save us all… I have news for ya, Christ Consciousness is already at work saving us all from the inside out on a fundamental soul level. “Jesus’ return” is not in 3D form but in a conscious awareness that we, as a nation of humans, are responsible for harnessing. Shall I repeat that?

Christ Consciousness IS the “New Earth.” New Earth is not a place we physically travel to, it is a state of consciousness, a state of being, wherefore we consciously ACKNOWLEDGE our individual ability to become one with God & Grace & all that is good. The “Second Coming” is happening within all of us, as we begin to understand how powerful we each are. If you are human, you are able to access this inner liberation. Period. Matter of fact… it is your birthright.

We all are rising into New Earth Consciousness, one person at a time. As the human species begins to “save” itself, one by one… the planet will follow suit, like a mirror reflection. Consequently, as a unit, we will begin to restore Mother Earth, reinvent life here & “New Earth” will be our upgraded, rebooted, renovated space where it will go down in the history books, that we decided to save ourselves, embody love & live free. THIS… is “the return” of Jesus Christ, if you will. THIS, is the Crystalline Christed Consciousness that we all in truth, ARE & now… we have the opportunity to actually BE.

I don’t speak “brainwashed,” I speak TRUTH.

When people endorse a version of events that suits their flawed fantasy built on principles that they mindlessly, blindly follow… it is impractical, unrealistic, counterproductive & misleading to anyone who may be on a spiritual path. It is an impediment to enlightenment, real growth & advancement on this planet. Not to mention, it is divisive, as it separates people according to their “faith” instead of uniting them according to their soul’s light. We should NOT be teaching our children falsehoods that do nothing but keep them disempowered & small.

Jesus Christ & all that he taught, preached, spoke, stood for & exemplified, is living inside of each of us RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, or next week or when “Jesus comes back.” We are responsible cocreators WITH the God force. The TRUTH is that we are all living versions of Jesus Christ & the second coming is within us. Jesus once said: “YOU… can do all this & more.” That’s pretty straight-forward, if you ask me.


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