Rising Into Prosperity Consciousness Once & for All

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Chapter 5: Rising Into Prosperity Consciousness Once & for All

It took a really long time for me to develop a strong sense of prosperity consciousness. It took years of commitment, constant mindset training, mental exercises, repetitious affirmation reels, hypnotic YouTube channels & mindful rewiring of misaligned default gears. I had to diligently unlearn the depth of insidious buried false concepts of poverty consciousness. Allow me to be your surrogate then, for I did the work for you, now all you have to do is fall back, listen to every word & absorb the truths presented here. Now YOU have the luxury of sitting here & learning what I painstakingly gained from all of it & LOST, essentially. You’re welcome. If you haven’t already, you may indeed also need to embark upon your own personal journey to retrain your brain in some capacity. Maybe you are years deep & well on your way. In either case… we can never have enough reminders, reinforcements or support to be better & brighter. Today is a new day, it’s never too late, &/or there was never a better opportunity than this one right here, right now, to add to your repertoire or stack some more knowledge & wisdom from an accredited ally.

Consider this advantage… I have cut the mysteries out, gathered the good stuff & puzzled all the pieces together before your very eyes here in this chapter. Don’t be afraid to let go of all your preconceived notions surrounding money, wealth, fortune & abundance. This is your chance to drop all that & start fresh if need be. Don’t be shy, ALLOW yourself to receive the endless blessings of transformation offered via the following prosperity conscious activations. As you read & comprehend upon a soul level, the truths unveiled, will detail themselves inside of your heart & mind & this will inspire all the principles of prosperity consciousness deep within you, to surface, be heard & shine. Others need your light in the world, the light burning bright within your ability to accelerate abundance, freedom & joy like fuel to a flame. The more you resonate with & attune to prosperity consciousness, the more you are able to set fire to everything you touch. May your understanding of inner wealth & sparkling prosperity, favor & benefit… light up the path before you & shed light on everyone else’s! #Midastouch

Prosperity Consciousness is not a big fancy untouchable concept reserved only for a top class. As long as we live in a world where folks believe that… there will be destitution, poor-me-hood, & lack & limitation. As long as we live in a society where folks believe there is only a fixed amount or limited dwindling supply… no one will ever escape the cumbersome vibration of poverty consciousness. Life can only be lived to the free-est, via not constantly comparing prices, counting pennies, worrying about money, bills & purchases like they are a little group of gremlins that demand our attention to live. As if they must be fed with our fears in order to thrive & provide us with a fictional false sense of security. I’m guilty of this B.S. default gear, but, in truth… NOTHING is running out. It’s all an illusion. BELIEVE otherwise, & you will RECEIVE otherwise. It’s law, God’s Law. And it’s about time people start learning it, knowing it, & practicing it. It is time for the human nation to begin inhaling abundance AND exhaling abundance. We all deserve to embody this kind of rich existence. It’s long overdue, if ya ask me.

Being stuck in man’s distorted version of reality where the lack & limitation mindset is king… is an old, outdated program with false principles that does not serve ANYONE well. Being stuck in man’s distorted version of reality where scrambling to get, have, be & do is a trying, challenging, sweaty, rough road filled with hard work, struggle & sacrifice… is an old, outdated program with false principles that does not serve ANYONE well. Ya think? The only thing good that ever came from that broken record, that broken heart, that broken system of struggling survival is… burning out to the point of no return.

“I thought you said good…?”

“Yes, Daniel son, I said… good.”

GOOD meaning that getting burnt out to the point of no return has pushed the human race to its absolute limits of frustration, sickness, disease, deterioration, aging, & premature death, & we have no further to fall. The human race’s rock bottom is at hand. We must now begin to rise back up in the other direction which is: sur-THRIVAL. Like I said… good! GREAT, even!

The next time you feel the urge to splurge… DO IT! Push the boundaries of your limiting Belief Systems that surround your ability to spend money freely. Stop spending half your trip & all your mind space, on calculating nickels & dimes, & watch how much more room you have in your brain & life for other things, that actually have way more value. Try it. No longer allow little lying thoughtforms to project scarcity onto the Big Screen of your conscious awareness. No longer allow poverty consciousness to hijack your focus & attention by stealing your confidence & faith in plenty. Prosperity consciousness is a practice, anyone can apply to their life. Don’t you think your best self deserves that? Your best future version who is happy, healthy, wealthy & wise? THAT version of you is waiting for you to catch on & catch up!

Prosperity consciousness is not gonna break down your door & surprise you with a rain of AGT golden buzzer confetti. Prosperity consciousness is not gonna magically flood you with lavender fields of sunshiny limitless feelings of fortune & favor, overnight. A wealthy mindset is CHOSEN, grown, cultivated, practiced, perpetuated, proliferated, over time. Mastering an instrument, demands focus, time, attention, & commitment above all. Unless you are a prodigy of sorts, a Zen Master, or Ascended Master like of a Jesus or St. Germain caliber… you can’t expect to be proficient in an instant. But it can & will happen for any person who makes a sincere effort. At which time, mastery is well within anybody’s reach. YOU, my friend, are the leader of your life, the maker of your destiny, the creator of your experiences, the producer of your position, the bringer of your BOUNTY! You must CHOOSE prosperity consciousness. Seek it, & it will seek you. Like Jesus said once: “knock & the door will open. Seek & ye shall find.” When New Age teachings state “what you seek, is seeking you,” this is the age-old spiritual concept they are referring to. The law of attraction is personified here.

When a person wakes up one day & finally decides once & for all, that they refuse to accept anything less than prosperity conscious thoughts, words, moves & feelings… they will indeed be on their way to a total transformational shift of consciousness. They will glide swiftly from lack & limitation… to abundance, overflow, endless supply & more than enough. God’s Law states, that when a person perpetuates prosperity consciousness this way, they will be rewarded handsomely with fortune & favor. A force greater than our minimal human knowing, is ALWAYS at work behind the scenes making it all happen for us. Trust & faith in this truth, is an essential ingredient to your success. The brain is the machine you type your requests into, & the Universe will thus deliver EXACTLY what is (requested) believed to be true.

So, be mindful of your thoughts & feelings today. What you believe to be true & real will play out on the Big Screen of your life & you will be the star of your own movie. The time is NOW, to begin practicing new concepts of more than enough, plenty, abundance, wealth, fortune, favor, freedom. Begin taking small deliberate steps, swapping out single words or phrases that don’t align with the concepts of a prosperity conscious mindset & attitude of gratitude. STOP making decisions based on fear, lack & limitation. START making choices, plans & moves based on faith in your ability to create more for yourself because that’s what Jesus would do. Let’s be real… any person who has allegiance to a force greater than themselves, higher power, God, the “Infinite IS” (I just made that one up) whatever you want to call it… would rightfully behave the exact same. This is what FAITH looks like.

When we sit in the seat of Divine union on the holy throne of cosmic consciousness fortified with Immaculate Intel… we are thus FREE. Then, having faith will NOT be a concept we are separate from, it will be a part of who we are, built in. Just like you trust & have faith that your check will come each week or month, you will also be able to trust the invisible, infallible I might add, unlimited supply available to you at all times. If we focus on the idea of an unlimited guaranteed supply, we must provide a channel through which it can travel: OUR FAITH. Having faith empowers us to drop the need to know HOW it will arrive, we just know it will.

This life is a team effort. God’s Law teaches us that we are no less than Source, we are ONE with it. But, at the very same time, it is our responsibility to use our free will to choose to access & activate all components of the ONE, in order to be the fullest Divine expression of ourselves. We can access our full expression of the Divine within via the Holy Trinity also known as the “3-fold flame” within our heart chakra center. Don’t let any fancy wording fumble your focus here. It’s as simple as blending paint colors in kindergarten. The blue Divine masculine + the pink Divine feminine = the purple violet flame of perfect union with the Divine nature in all things: the purest form of God, if you will. Blue+pink=the purple flame of the God force.

The NEW Holy Trinity: I AM (blue)+Your Soul (pink)=GOD (purple).

  • I Am Presence” is the Divine Masculine/free will/left brain/blue
  • Soul is the Divine Feminine/heart-based intuition/right brain/pink
  • GOD is alignment with truth, ease, flow & harmony & yin/yang balance/purple

Essentially, they all equal> ONE & THE SAME. But… they all need each other to be the complete identity of the ONE. Just like the colors blue & pink need each other to be the color purple, & purple cannot be purple without blue & pink. By activating this three-fold avatar… your “I Am Presence/blue, Soul light body/pink & Godhead/purple” YOU are empowered to BE GOD. And this, my friend, is what we came for. This is why we are on Earth, to learn how to do this & master it. The perfect union of the Divine is achieved through the balance of the blue & pink flames, famously known in mystic terms as Yin & Yang. No more duality, no more separation anxiety, no more forsaken sinner archetype, no more us against them mentality. No more manic episodes, bi-polar mood swings, or extreme polarity shifts. No more emotional rollercoasters of redundant ups & downs. No more getting pulled back & forth through the struggle puddles of an endless tug ‘o’ war. When the purple threefold flame is activated, balance ensues.

A really easy practical exercise to instantly connect to this “perfect union with the Divine,” so you can activate your best most benevolent, prosperity conscious self on demand, is to imagine yourself in a giant bonfire of purple flames. This powerful violet flame visualization is an invocation, essentially. It is an instant alignment tool. The infinite source within your etheric soul light body is brought to the surface so that your conscious awareness can thus merge with the purple flame’s energetic blueprint. In other words, the mortal you & the immortal you can be synchronized to orchestrate your life path, via the purple flame’s cosmic high vibration. In layman’s terms… by & through engaging this activation you will be more inclined to be your best most abundant self & live your best most abundant life more fluently. The pink & blue flames of yin & yang are blended into perfect Divine balance as your pretend skill gives attention to this giant burning purple glorious flame & voila! Like a thermometer to an ice bath, your soul is recalibrated!

On visualization

Visualization & imagination, or the “pretend skill,” as I like to call it… is a necessary component for union with the Divine or your higher self, as just demonstrated. Visualization is a necessary component for a fulfilled life & for dreams coming true. It is a necessary component to have in your toolbox for any kind of want, need or desire that you see fit for your fate. So, it only makes sense that it is a necessary component to financial freedom.

Don’t be shy, remember Jesus said: “Be as little children” which means to harness imagination. Jesus also meant, to be playful, nondiscriminatory, fun loving, kind & carefree. He meant, that as we mature, we should mindfully carry over into adulthood, that rich quality little children have, which could be summed up as this: to be playfully in the moment with our pretend skill turned on. We should never lose this trait when we “grow up.” We as adults, should never be so bogged down by life & relationships that we find ourselves trapped in the “no play zone.” We should never be too busy to enjoy life EVERY SECOND. This is not a sin, wrong or futile. Carefree fun/play is not something we should reserve only for the weekends or days off. Fun/play should be an underlying stream of effervescent enthusiasm that fuels our fires for life & living. Period.

There cannot be enough said about how instrumental the skill of visualization is, to fortune, health, wealth & freedom. Embodying fun-loving joy to go along with the visualization is an accelerant like adding fuel to an already burning fire. That said, we would all be in way better shape if we would have learned to cultivate & harness these skills early on in our formative years. We would have learned to become mini manifestors & grew up into master manifestors. However, it is never too late. As it stands, we have no choice at this juncture in human evolution to start from here. In place to assist us, is our team of Spirit Helpers, since it looks like we need all the help we can get, frankly.

In truth, there is a Divine ethereal team who has been on your side & in your corner 24/7 supporting you to the fullest in every way you can literally imagine, since before you were even born here. On holidays & birthdays, we thank the significant people in our lives & show them appreciation for all they do for us… what makes our spirit team any different? They are worthy of the same praise, if not more. Right now, all you have to do to notice the workings of your invisible team of helpers, is use your faculty of imagination to open your inner eye. The third eye, as it has been referred to, can be turned on like a switch if given enough attention. Attention is the pulled lever that activates it. With a laser beam of focus, the third-eye or “Ajna” the 6th chakra, will open up like a magical portal.

One friendly method I use, with my eyes closed & my pretend skill turned on, is to place a pin prick of light in that spot. Just imagine this pin prick of light in the center between the brows & expand it until it grows bigger & brighter. You can even imagine beams shooting out like a crack in a curtain where the morning sun is piercing through. For even more bang for your buck, lol, boost your sensory perception even further by applying a tiny dot on that spot, of Tiger Balm or menthol essential oil. This little exercise if practiced enough, will indeed be the key that unlocks the door for you, to the deeper meaning behind everything. You will suddenly find yourself wise to the real reasons for things, the clever, clear, cut to the chase versions. You will begin to see the unlimited pure potentiality in everything. You will begin to notice the abundance that abounds literally EVERYWHERE. You will begin to be privy to the real deal, AKA: the TRUTH. Who doesn’t want the inside scoop? A behind the scenes glimpse? Every person on Earth was born with this capability. You don’t have to be a skilled yogi or enlightened mystic to do it. It’s God’s 21st century… EVERYONE gets wings this time around.

Factoid: “The pineal gland was described as the “Seat of the Soul” by Renee Descartes, and it is located in the center of the brain. The pineal gland is located deep in the brain in an area called the epithalamus, where the two halves of the brain join. In humans, this is situated in the middle of the brain; it sits in a groove just above the thalamus, which is an area that coordinates a variety of functions related to our senses. The name “third eye” comes from the pineal gland’s primary function of letting in light and darkness, just as our two eyes do. This gland is the melatonin-secreting neuroendocrine organ containing light-sensitive cells that control the circadian rhythm.”  —Google

By the way, do not let “New Age” rhetoric scare you. Opening the third eye does not make a person suddenly susceptible to ghosts & spirits on some creepy, out of sorts way. We are not Long Island Mediums. Dead people will not be popping up all over the place interrupting our meals & get-togethers. That said, cracking open the third eye has more practical benefits. After implementing the third eye exercise enough times, the pineal gland will then activate inside your brain & things will appear noticeable to you that never were before. Your outer eyeballs (rational left brain) will then begin to witness the evidence &/or proof that it always seems to require in order to sign on. The pineal gland is the unifier of left & right brain functionality.

With BOTH inner & outer eyes on board, or logical left brain & esoteric right… your personal benevolent spirit team will indeed begin showing up & demonstrating miracles more fluently & frequently on your life path. No longer will you ever have to feel alone, abandoned, forsaken or separate. Remember how we said BELIEFS make your reality? Well then it only makes perfect sense that if we believe in the reality of these powerful benevolent helpers… then they will be enabled to show up on our Big Screen, as stars in our movie. They can do this only because we decided to make our directing debut via giving them permission. Our free will component installed at birth put the ball in our court by default & so the choice is always ours to make. Choose wisely.

Imagination is literally the one faculty we have at our disposal at any second of the day, to use to our advantage. It was told to me once, that the more we are able to visualize our goals, dreams, wishes & desires achieved, already thus manifested… is what gives them PERMISSION to happen. The greater our ability to imagine ideal circumstances for ourselves, the more PERMISSION we give these ideal things to grow, flourish & materialize before our very eyes in form. So it goes for our spirit helpers as well… we must give them permission to work in our lives, & this can be done most efficiently with the faculty of imagination. Each time we “pretend” with them, we are thus demonstrating our BELIEF. Belief is the gas in the motor of manifestation.

It has been said, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, drawing up a visual representation, imagining, or picture of your desired outcome or attainment… will make it manifest that much faster then. Words have creative power & a thousand of them in favor of the same goal… is a creative power unmatched. It’s a fact, that words, affirmations & positive thought forms are key to leading you to the visualization of your goal or desire. Then, they are key to helping you maintain it, once it comes into focus. Positive reinforcement supports visualization once it’s in place. The garden won’t grow without sun, wind, & rain. A visualization needs the sun, wind & rain of the “cheer squad” on the sidelines of your mind: words & thoughts thus feelings. But the picture itself? Now THAT, is the star of the manifestation show. Thoughts & words are co-stars. If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, it is no surprise that the visualization is the star of the show. Don’t forget to add sounds, sights & smells to the scenery, now. Not only are you the director, but you are also the stage set decorator, add accelerant to the fire! The more real the visualization feels, the better! You’ll be a master manifestor in no time!

Imagination is a key ingredient to success in this life. Use it! Your best self will thank you. The plushy seeds sown in the land of imagination will ALWAYS bear fruit. Your mind takes orders from its proprietor… YOU. It does what it is told & thus sings the song of its maker. Watch what kinds of seeds you sow. Poverty conscious seeds or prosperity conscious seeds? THAT… is the question.

On tithing

In the land of light & love there are (proverbial) money trees. Money trees shed joy & wealth, prosperity, abundance & financial freedom all over the ground of our generous hearts. Money is just a CURRENT of energy we pass back & forth, hence the term currency. The intention behind what’s being passed or exchanged, composes the fabric of the current. In layman’s terms, the current is either being harvested for good or not so good, or anywhere in between. Money isn’t evil or not evil… it is the intention behind it which is debatable.

Currency used to survive & maintain necessities for living such as paying bills & buying food & clothes, etc., is made with an intention built from fear of running out or a lack & limitation mindset. Currency used to help people, do good in the world, nourish the community, build things, help make the world a better place… is made of the kind of intention that moves mountains just like faith. It is made with an intention built from an abundance mindset. There is nothing wrong with spending money on goods for survival, but if that is all you ever use your money for, it will keep you stuck on a karmic wheel of just that: survival. If you would like to go beyond just surviving & spring forward into thriving instead… you MUST divvy out a portion of your money with charitable intent. The current of energy behind what is spent is KEY to unlocking your financial freedom. Start small, if that is what you feel comfortable with, & slowly increase your gifts as you begin to feel the positive impact on your life & others.

The energy behind the money or currency is what makes it valuable in the invisible ether where the karmic wheel spins, where INTENTION is all that matters. That is why it is a RULE of prosperity consciousness, to donate a portion of your money on a regular basis. This kind of intention is considered “good works,” & thus, will be handsomely rewarded 1000-fold with MORE ABUNDANCE. Let it be noted, that there is a difference between giving money to others solely for recognition, reward or feelings of superiority… & giving money to others unconditionally, anonymously, & not for any other reason than a tithe of good to serve. The karmic wheel differentiates the two & puts them in two totally different categories on the wheel. The karma produced by a person who gives merely to serve himself, has a darker, denser quality of intention than the karma produced by a person who gives selflessly with good intention. There are no secrets when it comes to the laws of the Universe. We receive back our exact vibration. Life hands us exactly what we give & the quality of its intention. Karma works every time. It is a machine that delivers exactly what is programmed into it by the server, none other than YOU or ME. Give a selfless donation today! Make it a habit & regular consistent practice & it will change the whole game for you. Giving is a superpower… use it!

See Resource Guide for my recommended charities. (Downloadable PDF located Here: https://www.rockyourworldbooks.com/home/righteous-resources/divine-directory

I have fashioned this list over time & it is what I personally consult to play my part. Find something you like on it, that you are drawn to. Give to something you believe in. Set it & forget it once a month, as a recurring donation, this way you won’t even really notice it’s leaving your account. Start small if you want & build over time. Your life will begin to transform in terms of monetary energy exchange. The energy current that you will then endorse & allow to enter & exit your scope of experience will be made of a new quality of intention that is charitable in nature. This charitable intention will boomerang more money & abundance into your life. You will also begin to feel different & carry yourself differently knowing that you are a benefactor to humanity in a whole new way. The little pep in your step due to this… will make all the difference in the scheme of things. Your karmic cache will be filled with the energy & vibration of good tidings & good tidings bring more good tidings. It’s Universal Law, God’s Law, & God’s Law is what? Not debatable. This works. Mark my words. Try it!

Tap into Prosperity Consciousness today & allow your life to be transformed by an abundance mindset. You will soon see, in due time, after implementing practices & habits that support this maneuver, that your life becomes liberated. You will notice how your default responses & reactions to typical circumstances & people will not be the same as they ever were before. They will have thus changed into something altogether different. Your natural impulse will not be to fear, fret, worry, scramble to scrounge, skrimp & save. On the contrary, it will be to spend freely, give, bless, breathe & relax in knowing that all is well, secure, taken care of, & provided for by the reliable endless unlimited supply of GOD. Period.

“I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” —Jesus from the Synoptic Gospels (so they say)

Now, I am a fan of Jesus & all… “But, slow down there, bud, lemme getchya a Scotch on a stone, I think we need to have a chat…”

Just kidding. I don’t believe for one single solitary second that Jesus said this statement the way THEY passed it down. In any case, he must have been referring to merely greed. This antiquated biblical statement is NOT accurate when it comes to the study of prosperity & abundance. This statement is NOT in alignment with “Cosmic Consciousness,” or the Conscious Revolution of circa 21st century. Wealth consciousness & the practice thereof, to be rich & empowered & blessed, is a choice. This choice to feel rich, behave rich & live rich is the MOST RIGHTEOUS way we can honor, serve & exalt said “Kingdom of God” within ourselves & others. Hence: HEAVEN. Would you like me to repeat that?

“Gratitude is Heaven itself.” —William Blake

THAT said, if we practice prosperity consciousness, master manifestation skills & thus reap avalanches of riches & rewards… in theory, this proves (according to the wondrous prolific archives of the Royal W. Blake-ster) we have also thus mastered gratitude.



Let’s reword it, rebooted to fit circa 21st century, shall we? Since, I almost know for a fact, that if Jesus Christ were standing here right now, he would want me to!

“I tell you the truth, it is hard for a GREEDY & UNGRATEFUL man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a GREEDY & UNGRATEFUL man to enter the kingdom of God.”

—Jesus Christ (paraphrased by JZapp)

*For more on prosperity consciousness, all my books feature a chapter on it. However, check out my 2nd book published: “Magnetic Prosperity: A Survival Guide for a Mad Mad World.” This book in particular, spotlights the Law of Attraction, the Vortex, Deliberate Creation & a plethora of affirmation statements. Visit: http://www.amazon.com/author/zapp

*I also strongly recommend this book: “The Illusion of Money” by Kyle Cease

Super Abundance Affirmation:

I grant permission to my personal benevolent spirit team right now & always, to show me, guide me, lead me, & go before me in all I do. May they open all right doors & windows so that I may proceed onto the dancefloor of this life with my “dancing shoes” on, where supreme confidence cancels out caution. Net breaking blessings are a normality here. The rain of abundant blessings is pouring down, because I AM infinitely abundant in spirit. I have plenty of wealth & my riches increase daily because I AM… quality & value.

I live in an infinitely abundant Universe. Each & every one of us is an heir to the holy throne of the ONENESS that exemplifies this. All is linked to the ONE, thus we are each HEIRS. I now allow my life to reflect that. I feel prosperity. I feel rich. I feel abundant. I know the feelings. I am FAMILIAR with the feelings… of wealth, fortune, freedom & favor. I feel bountiful, opulent, amazing & astute. I feel proud to represent the glorious natural state of bounty, grace, fortune, wealth & prosperity.  I feel proud to represent the Divine Oneness that is my ancestral lineage.

I allow myself to embody, thus indulge, in abundant thinking, feeling, knowing & ascending to higher levels of conscious freedom. I am now feeling rich, valuable, quality moments at their finest. These quality rich moments serve not only me… but the whole of humanity each second I feel them swoon me. Like a vast rain shower of blessings upon a thirsty meadow, I now activate my ability to BLESS ALL as I am blessed. The collective feeds off my fortunate disposition. I AM wealth, fortune, riches, prosperity, freedom & fun personified. I AM a frequency keeper of this stable high vibration that is EASY for me to sustain 1000-fold.

I AM a magical being of light who serves humanity by:

  • being free, prosperous, abundant, & generous
  • being self-sufficient, whole, confident, & empowered
  • being love incarnate
  • being the embodiment of truth
  • being Divine favor exemplified
  • being fortune expressed
  • being a living experience of quality, worth, & fundamental value
  • being exhilarated, excited, ecstatic & enthusiastic at the very state of things as they already are
  • being optimal health, streaming joy & effervescent kindness

I celebrate what I already have as if it is already the exact state of things I desire. I am a vibrational match to what I want, need & deserve. I know what it feels like to have everything I need & want. I know what it feels like to be free, happy, healthy & wealthy. I know what it feels like to be settled into the exact vibration of excellent outcomes. I am feeling good, great, divine & aligned right now & always no matter what appearances beg to differ. I am a master at pairing fortuitous feelings with all moments. Scarcity is a figment of false perception, that I do not endorse. I am layered with the luscious vibrations of infinite goodness. The almighty universal flow always delivers. I trust this… by aligning with calm. I am balanced & harmonized within the perfect realm & reaches of the plentiful awe-inspiring universal infinite flow. The Angelic Vault of Heaven is pouring infinite riches upon me NOW!

I am lifted, gifted, light-filled, & recognizable to all who seek truth, love & light. I am served with the richness of a rewarding life. Love increases. Wealth increases. My health is restored, protected & preserved. I AM… a self-sustaining healing modality who bounces back, regenerates & rejuvenates easily & effortlessly. I allow my mind & heart to reprogram second to second, to serve my highest good & the highest good of all those in my sphere of influence. I TRUST this. It is AMAZING!

I AM a living, walking, talking, breathing, conduit for peace, wellness, joy, comfort, encouragement, support & security. I AM always plugged in. I AM safe & sound. I love my life. I live my highest good NOW. I allow the highest good of the perfect Divine plan to play on my personal movie screen now & always.

There is no rule book that says I have to associate income with action. I can be paid for simply just being me. There are innumerable ways money can arrive, appear, & stream into my realm of experience. Money FINDS ME. I get out of the way of its path. Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily. I am so thankful that large sums of money come to me now. I AM an accumulator of money. I AM an accumulator of wealth. I AM an accumulator of currency. I know that the more I appreciate myself & love myself & grant myself permission to enjoy the pleasurable experiences life has to offer, the gregarious encounters, the fun times… the MORE ABUNDANCE comes to me!

I am financially secure. Money is no longer an issue. All my bills are paid ahead of time. I make money passively, and don’t have to work hard to earn energy exchange. I receive direct deposits all the time. Money is a tool to help me create. The more I have… the more I can give. I am healed from any & all blocks with finances. Nothing is running out & me receiving loads of cash, abundance & overflow DOES NOT limit or lessen the amount available to & for others. That is a false concept. There is more than enough plentiful limitless abundance for ALL PEOPLE equally. That said, Poverty Consciousness is not a part of my belief system! I am open to this continual download of dollars. I am a person who experiences constant growing wealth. Mind-blowing wealth flows into my accounts every minute of every day even while sleeping. Money flows easily and freely from everywhere! I BELIEVE in my ability to RECEIVE!!!

I AM abundance. I claim it. So it is! So it is!

Paraphrased from Abraham: “It is done! It is done! It is done! It is done! It is done! It is already done! It is done! I am saying it not because I want it, or need it, I am saying it because it is done! And it makes me feel good, great, powerful, fortunate, lucky, blessed & pleased with the effortless way it just manifests in the ether already done! It is done! It is done! It is done! Done! Done!”

Cheers! To the GOOD LIFE! Happy manifesting!

P.S. Now GO BACK & read this chapter all over again TWICE, or until it sinks in on every level!

“If you have true gratitude, it will express itself automatically. It will be visible in your eyes, around your being, in your aura. It is like the fragrance of a flower. In most cases if there is a beautiful flower, the fragrance will be there naturally. The flower and its fragrance cannot be separated.”

~~Sri Chinmoy

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