Truth Pages: What Is Church? (Pt 1)

A Limited Series

Church has many guises

To some, Church may mean a place where the word “Amen” is fervently whipped around a lively room of “praise Jesuses” & vivacious hallelujahs. There may be dancing in isles, unbridled chanting or a chorus of powerhouse voices. Revving up some kind of radical redemption, Church can be a theatrical production, almost a rock ’n’ roll concert, or even a political-style rally. Church can be a celebration, a feast, or a formal festivity. Church can be a pleasant potpourri of hopeful hymns, timeless rituals, & solemn prayers that summon the soul. Church can even be an exclusive clandestine clubhouse for initiates or members only.

On the other hand, Church can be a mundane, rigid, cold, redundant rabbit hole we slip into each week by a default gear indoctrinated by religion. There is a mouthpiece poised on the pulpit broadcasting a monotone monologue with robotic cues to dosed off, checked-out, barely breathing bobbleheads. In this case, Church may exude a vapid air of melancholy, devoid of connection, conviction, or enthusiasm. These days, thankfully, this scenario has fizzled out. More often than not, Church serves many practical purposes for the betterment of us, our kin & communities.

My name is Jenay Zapp, I am the author of 8 books, I am a spiritual guide, conscious revolutionary & here on this planet to educate the population with TRUTH. I am a wayshower here to advance people to higher ground. If you engage my content you will benefit on a level beyond this world, for I am a channel for TRUTH, & as the adage states, 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒕𝒉 𝒔𝒆𝒕𝒔 𝒖𝒔 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆.

What is truth? Well, truth is an uninterrupted knowing of what is real. When you are a person who is tapped in, tuned in & turned on, you are a person who speaks only truth all the time. Not part time, but all the time. I speak from a cosmic standpoint & although my feelings are mixed in… TRUTH is the narrator.

I may be a proud, rough around the edges GenXer who has ridden bareback through the trenches of my generation with bells on, but I am no frivolous entity with a personal agenda. I am an evolved soul mindfully & deliberately making moves every single second to fortify cosmic consciousness in my peers. Enlightenment is my forte. Dig it, or don’t. I’m not here to convince, I am here to magnetize all who seek higher ground. Welcome.

Church can be a wondrous thing, a glorious gateway, a definite lifesaver

This article does not wish to minimize the contagious vigor or team spirit that Church may embody. Enough cannot be said about the unmatched charitable contributions church organizations have dispensed on a grand scale over the years. I’m not discounting the good works, positive impact & spiritual guidance they may offer. Church can mean many things to many people & I’m not here to dispute anyone’s personal affinity or affiliation.

This article is about the organic intent & purpose of why Church had been established in the first place. It’s also about why society feels they need it to justify their lives, & prove their worth. Convinced they were endowed with an awful original sin by some supernatural cosmic curse, folks from all walks of life in both the East & West seem to feel as though they need Church to be “forgiven.” This article debunks this fundamentally flawed program. That said, I would like to conclusively establish a clear-cut epic definition of Church from an enlightened standpoint.

Let’s get started.

Centuries ago, when things were spawning, Church was originally supposed to be a safe haven

All who sought shelter from the storm or respite from the chaotic world were encouraged to attend. Church was supposed to be a place where anyone could come as they are & not be judged, frowned upon, or outcast. Church was supposed to house all “God’s children” equally, not as servants & sinners but as kings & queens born to be in charge of Mother Gaia & her creatures & thus guided as such to do “God’s work” here. Like a briefing in a conference room before a pivotal account acquisition or a football huddle before a big game, Church was meant to be a place of strength, support, reinforcement & resolve.

Church was never supposed to be divisive or separate people into religious groups that couldn’t agree on who God is & why we are here. Church was never supposed to be a trap of empty traditions that manipulated people into morose or meaningless motions on repeat each week. Church was never meant to instill a fear of God or scare us into being submissive, law-abiding citizens. Church was never supposed to coin us all “sinners” & use a book to justify the rampant spread of mistruths & misinformation. Church was never meant to cast people out, reject, belittle or shame them because of their race, gender, class, sexual preference, political party, culture, creed, or nationality.

I have news for ya, just because you attend a church service on Sunday, does not mean you are godly, morally adept, balanced or well-adjusted. Just because you wear your Sunday best & mingle with your fellow church pal each week doesn’t make you a good person. Just because you recite prayers, read passages out of a holy book & pray the way they tell you to, doesn’t mean you are properly pious. And just because you tithe a percentage of your income doesn’t mean you are generous or prosperity conscious… it just means that you can follow directions.

Unfortunately, Church served diabolical purposes over the course of a very patriarchal HIS-story

Church is a weekly Ted Talk. If it wasn’t for the homily or sermon or Gospel… told, spoken, interpreted or preached by a pastor, preacher, priest, minister, rabbi or spokesperson… the church service would lose its value. Every service needs a leader, a mouthpiece, a representative of the faith, the beliefs, the principles, the prayers. Every congregation needs a shepherd. A congregation is essentially an audience. The audience comes to see the show each week. The person or persons involved in the show have a moral obligation to educate, guide, uplift & unify. The leaders of the congregation have a duty to deliver, just like any performer or conglomerate staged for a theatrical purpose. Unfortunately, historically speaking, many of these folks misused this powerful platform for selfish gain.

Mobsters, dirty cops & politicians, rapists, murderers, molesters, abusers, scammers, & thieves, could all be seen at church, & worse, many times even leading the congregation. Over the years, Church was a great way to hide the wolves nestled so deeply in the fabric of humanity’s heavy infractions. Wearing sheep’s clothes under the cloud cover of a congregation would serve any criminal well & could almost guarantee a get-out-of-jail-free card. The counterfeit storefront of holy relics, statues, pews, candles, garb, & a very deep tip jar… gave the criminal element an excellent alibi & a perfect way to bury bribes.

Church had been a facade for tax evasion, money laundering, sex scandals, child abuse, & pedophilia. Church had been the perfect Ponzi scheme to betray, use, abuse, swindle, scam, seduce, groom, manipulate & steal. Somehow, Church became a safe haven for these low-level, unhealed miscreants. Some felt like they were absolved magically each week, permitting them to go out & make more bad decisions the next. Regarding the inside jobbers, they would be protected by a kind of Holy Martial Law that did not hold them to the same accountability standards as federal or state law. Church became a big organized crime syndicate, essentially, protecting their own, to the detriment of millions of victims. Three great examples are the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, The Evangelical Christian Churches… & lest we forget the infamous Church of Scientology, just to name a few.

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