Halloween Ends

Ah, how art imitates life.


It’s time to put an end to the facade, the illusion, the masks we wear. I mean, an annual holiday to celebrate psychosis, crime, death & murder, monsters, ghosts & bloodsucking vampires seems a little laughable & outdated to me. We as a society exalt fear, capitalize on suffering & pain, glorify horrific scenes & drama & then wind up rewarding children all over the country with an excessive amount of processed sugar.

We are passing onto our children a really weird unhealthy trend that just feeds all a manner of bad things, not to mention, it keeps the brainwashing machine of greedy commercialism & consumerism FED, alive & booming.

It’s not about fun. We are way past that. This is about CHANGE. The system of our TRADITIONS is twisted & morally corrupt & we as a human community should be joining forces to expose it, uproot it & transform it into IMPROVED patterns & programs that match a 21st-century NEW EARTH MINDSET.

Isn’t the REAL WORLD, & the unconscionable crimes against humanity happening each second across the world in real-time enough??

Putin’s War, war crimes, poverty, hunger, starvation, protests in Iran, mass shootings, serial killers, the pandemic, the threat of nuclear war, Kim Jung-un playing with fire, human trafficking, pedophiles in national sports leagues & churches & everywhere else, the opioid crisis, fentanyl dropping our youth like flies, the border crisis, the overcrowded prisons, fraud, scammers, catfish, the massive mental health crisis. Egoic reign & abuses of power. Etc, etc, etc, etc.

I mean, we should be having a holiday that exalts JUST THE OPPOSITE, so instead of perpetuating & exemplifying all that dark shadow shit, we would be flooding it with transformative LIGHT. 🌟

Humanity at large really needs to WAKE the F up.

Ya think?


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Break The Chains

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