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The Name AMERICA Was No Accident: The Deep Dive

While the above meme appears to be sweet & have good intentions… this & all its likenesses, are so patriarchal it makes me gag a little. The Biblical quotes blended with Old World male dominated society is enough to make you wanna jump out a window. The fear-based rhetoric is deafening in most cases, or at least the subliminal fear-based rhetoric. However, if you “have the eyes to see” you can read through it with a laser beam of conscious awareness & catch the deeper meaning. At which time, if you can get past the awful reproach & scare tactics, & do your best to shake the feelings of indignation, you will clearly see how it all really does make sense.

That said, the word “America” is an anagram for the “I AM RACE.” This means that the letters in the word “America” rearranged, spell “I AM RACE.” What the heck does this “I AM” mean exactly? Well, I AM stands for the God presence in us all, which you could say is our soul’s light. Jesus spoke the words “I am that I am,” & told us it means: God. God in you. God in me. The I AM presence resides in all of us equally.

This simple equation is the REAL Holy Trinity>> I AM=God=Your Soul. They all equal> ONE & THE SAME. “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” is the outdated religious version of the trinity. See what I mean? Patriarchal & holier than thou vibe to the max. Ick.

That said, what would an “I AM” race look like…? It would be a race or community of “I AM’s” or “God’s” essentially. It would simply be a congregation of souls who honor the God presence within. Not a bunch of numb nut knuckleheads honoring & serving & protecting the ego. What part of “man’s rule of law is flawed & unjust,” don’t people understand? GOD’S LAW is Universal Law & is fair, just, balanced & drawn from perfect LOVE. Since we all know that God is love, an “I AM RACE” would be a race true to LOVE. Because why? An “I AM RACE” is a community true to their God identity & the God identity is… (all together now) LOVE! Which is Ahimsa, I might add, which means “do no harm.”

If an “I AM” race would be a race of humans that individually honored the God presence within them, this means it would be a race who is thus fulfilling Divine destiny. Man being made in God’s image is our Divine design. Being made in God’s image means that we ARE God. Through us, God is expressed. We are a vessel, essentially, for the God force to animate, express itself & do wondrous works. We ARE God. GOD is who we are. Anything that appears to seem, look or be, less than that… is an illusion that never pays off or gets anyone anywhere at the end of the day. It’s the 21st century, & if you don’t know that by now? You definitely have been living under a pretty big, gargantuan rock.

Now that we understand what the term “I AM” means, we can grasp the meaning & original intent of the sacred anagram of the word America. That said, the anagram was no coincidence. Ancient Civilization, in conjunction with the cosmic collective, had a round table of sorts, with the Galactic Confederation, & they agreed together to deliberately choose the name, if you will. The “I AM RACE” or America was intended to veritably reflect a nation of souls in suits who honored the God force of Ahimsa “do no harm” (LOVE). America was meant to be a shining template of good behavior that all other nations could imitate. We were meant to be the “good example.”

We are essentially the UNITED STATES of the “I AM RACE.” But we, as a collective nation of beings here at Hotel America, generation upon generation have freely willed our fall from grace long ago. Thus, we have NOT lived up to our sacred name & all it stands for. An “I AM RACE” would not behave like such dumbasses. I mean, seriously? Consumerism has made us all into a nation of sleepwalking sheeple that turn a blind eye to just about EVERYTHING. Genocide, murder, slaughter, slavery, starvation, poverty, pollution, the rape of our resources, child & animal abuse. An “I AM RACE” would be awake & enlightened, rather… meatless, mindful miracle manifestors. We would be protectors, & preservationists who take the care of our Mother: Earth & the care of our souls & fellow souls… very seriously. Ya think?

We thus have turned out to be a ghetto I AM RACE… scrambling to pick up the pieces, so we can unscramble the letters in America to actually spell who WE REALLY ARE… God’s race, the: I AM RACE. And as I said before & I’ll say it again a million times: WELCOME to God’s 21st century, the SOUL really is rising to power whether anyone likes it or not. (shameless plug) BUY THE BOOK HERE: God’s 21st Century: How the Soul Rises to Power

Thanks for letting me share. Namaste.

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Montessori Moves: New Earth Style

Back in the late nineties, I had a job once as a teacher’s aide at a daycare center in Northeast Philly. I was 23 & my 19-year-old partner in crime coworker & I used to meet up early every day right before work to burn a joint down in her car out back in the alley. Afterward, we would frolic like besties into the place, all pie-eyed & giggly, clock in & proceed to basically play with a bunch of 2 to 6-year-olds for 5 hours. It was a ball, let me tell you. But then, it only took a few weeks for me to see what was really going on beneath it all.

I began to notice that the teachers were not high like us... they were STONED… off of something way stronger than weed. They were on Xannies, Percs, & Vicodins. And instead of the narcotics making these pre-school teachers more chill, they made them intolerant & impatient & they screamed & yelled at the children in a really abrasive way. They crossed the line by pulling at shirts, squeezing arms & shoving them into their seats. It was not pleasant behavior to witness. And for those of you who know my story, that definitely was a true trigger for me, especially back in my early 20s. There was no way I was gonna continue to stand by & let that kind of child abuse happen on my watch.

Not to mention, these teachers were clearly jaded, had no real passion for the job, & were not happy campers, to say it lightly. I attempted to have a concerned chat or two with them, but they all seemed to be in a teacher bitch-click of sorts that my friend & I were not welcome in. We were only menial aides that made 6 dollars an hour, after all. All the while, to top it all off, every toy in the entire daycare facility was grimy, dirty, germy & never cleaned, even though I & my friend attempted to do so. It was a double whammy of toxicity, between the teachers & toys. No wonder why these kids were always sniveling, whiny & sick.

To make a long story short, I wrote a long detailed letter to the administration on behalf of what I intently thought was right. And I had two things said to me after she read it & called me into her office. One, “you belong in Montessori school,” & two, “we are gonna have to let you go.” Well, one… I had no idea what a Montessori school was, & literally had to look it up in an actual dictionary cause it was like 1997. Two, that day… they ripped me from all those little precious relationships I had, up to & including my cool ass little hippie chic weed-mate. The kids cried, I cried, it was awful. And that was it. Game over.

The Montessori method of education is an educational method developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori. Emphasizing independence, it views children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive and well-prepared learning environment. A Montessori education develops students who are capable, accountable, knowledgeable people who have the strong sense of self they will need to thrive in the real world.

Well, no one will ever send me home sobbing again, with my heart in my hand & my dignity all wrinkled up in a ball in my pocket. I plan to be heard & promoted to CEO this time around. I am retiring the “Undercover Boss” role. I will be dropping the word undercover, so I can just be BOSS. I didn’t write a letter this time, I wrote TWO BOOKS. I have created a fight song, for not only our children, but for our planet, the animals & our very souls.

December 21, 2020 was a very special winter solstice. It was a landmark event in the time-space continuum that will go down in history. It was the mark of the end of “The Dark Ages” of man. In Sanskrit, it is called the Kali Yuga: the age of conflict. We have been in a string of dark ages for quite some time. On 12.21.20, humanity officially birthed the Age of Aquarius. In Sanskrit, it is called Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga, which is the age of truth, virtue and righteousness. The Ancient Atlantean ones lived in this age long ago, & now we have come full circle. Let us rejoice… for finally, humanity has come to this beautiful dawning of the ages.

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“Live a soul-inspired life” is not just a trendy bumper sticker.

Thanks for reading.


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