Church is Being Held in a Slaughterhouse this Sunday

Picture yourself walking onto the sprawling property of a big, beautiful church in your town

You feel taken by the striking sacred structures adorned with sparkly ornate details glistening in the sun. Upon entering, it feels peaceful, & warm, like a place of refuge, of prayer, of miracles & blessings. It smells of wooden aromas & maybe incense or candles or sweet baked goods from the community room hidden behind the scenes. Laughter of little children echos down the side halls & vibes of kindness & togetherness still linger from the services that took place an hour before. Your heart fills with wonder & awe at the mysteries nestled deep within its walls. Breathe in the mystical magic. 

Now… picture yourself walking onto the giant  property of a ten-acre death house

The kind where innocent animals are irreverently hung upside down to be drained of their blood. Picture being on the premises of a slaughterhouse, knowing it is a LEGAL government-run facility. This place, deemed by the government to be socially acceptable, is filled with the horrible violent acts of apathetic human beings just standing by while precious animals are treated like THINGS instead of beings. Feel the fear, feel the anxiety, feel the absolute horror in the air. Inhale the putrid stench of murder, suffering, pain, struggle, death, dying, & decomposition. 

Hear the whining & whimpering, the crying of animal babies being ripped from their mothers. Feel the abominable wave of utter despair. Feel the stone-cold people who have zero love or compassion for their fellow creatures. Bear witness to them nonchalantly tossing dead bodies in piles or half-dead suffering creatures onto conveyor belts. See the guts, the body parts. Feel the soulless vibration stuck to the walls. Feel the heavy, dirty rotting atmosphere of hell on earth saturate your skin as you walk through. Feathers, fur, little bodies shred to bits. 

This is the REALITY of what winds up on your plate, swimming in sauce

A yanked-off wing of a precious bird who never had a chance to fly. Kept in a cage. Raised to be killed for the greedy consumer market of Big Business, profit & mere gain. The system is rigged to have the rich get richer, while the rest of brainwashed society gets fat, sick, & strung out on fake news, propaganda & lies. 

If you go to church on Sunday, then go out to eat afterward, & what’s on your plate is a variation of dead animal, you may as well have held your church service in the slaughterhouse. 

While you are at church next time… (if you go to church)

Remember that just down the street or a few towns away, the death houses are booming. And if you still consume your share of the “products” they produce, you are KEEPING them in business & are party to immoral organized crime. You are an independent entity with a will to choose your own habits & behaviors. Accountability & responsibility for your actions applies to everything you choose to consume. Just because everybody does something, doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because we were taught something was normal & natural, does not mean it is. Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it’s morally correct. 

I thought church folks were supposed to be good people who had ethical standards & believed all God’s creatures deserved to be treated with love, & respect?

Supply & demand is REAL. 

Your choices MATTER. 

What’s on your plate?

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