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My name is Jenay Zapp. I am the author of 8 books. I am a spiritual guide, a conscious revolutionary & here on this planet to educate the population with the truth. I am a way-shower here to advance people to higher ground. If you engage my content you will benefit on a level beyond this world, for I am a channel for truth, and as the adage states, the truth sets us free.

What is truth? Well, truth is an uninterrupted knowing of what is real. When you are a person who is tapped in, tuned in & turned on, you are a person who speaks only the truth all the time. Not part-time, but all the time. I speak from a cosmic standpoint & although my feelings are mixed in… truth is the narrator.

I may be a proud, rough around the edges GenXer who has ridden bareback through the trenches of my generation with bells on, but I am no frivolous entity with a personal agenda. I am an evolved soul mindfully & deliberately making moves every single second to fortify cosmic consciousness in my peers. Enlightenment is my forte. Dig it, or don’t. I’m not here to convince, I am here to magnetize all who seek higher ground. Welcome.

With no further ado…

What is God?

Well, from a truther standpoint, God is a force of good. God is unconditional love. God is unforgiveness because in the realm of perfect love that is God, there is nothing to be forgiven. In truth, everything that happens in this world is by choice, not chance & we learn from all of it no matter if it appears good or bad. Forgiveness doesn’t exist under God, because under the law of oneness… everything is already forgiven. Forgiveness is just a human concept that we have invented & applied to this life to make it more tolerable.

Under the laws of God or the “universal natural order of things,” all happenings here are meant to be & can be attributed to karma. If we view life through the eternal lens of the God force, we would see that everything happening here on this planet & in our lives happens with purpose. Upon each instance, we can either learn the purpose, learn the valuable lessons therein, grow & get better or we can choose to get bent out of shape, play the blame game with a deck of victim cards & get bitter.

Bitter will produce cancer, sickness, & slow death while better will prepare us for brighter days. If becoming liberated & empowered is our most desirable outcome, detaching & moving on is our only job. On the contrary, if we commence allowing the adverse act or person to control our emotions with anger, hatred, resentment, regret or disdain… we become oppressed & demoralized. Not to mention, we interfere with the protocol of karma, delaying the justice, as it were, our finite mind essentially seeks. On an energetic level, we undermine the transformative magic of karma to carry out its holy reconnaissance.

The sooner we “forgive,” the faster we heal but it is also the catalyst to spin that karmic wheel with a vengeance. When we are confronted with a transgression, we not only have an allegiance to our best self but to the greater good as well. By making the choice to become a better version, we cut the cord of attachment to low-vibe drama. This is how we pledge to be a vibrational match to upgraded experiences in the future. We repeat history if we do not learn from it. Repeated patterns are a human being’s forte. What do ya say we repeat the right ones!

The archetype who attracted the negative experience will go extinct, as we forgive ourselves for any & all adversities that had ever crossed us due to our flawed point of attraction. It’s not even about the other person, as much as our ego would like it to be. The perpetrator has their own karmic cache to contend with that’s none of our business. Verily, it’s about our karmic cache & how we can evolve to clear it & thus graduate from the karmic wheel to merge with higher ground. The more we do this, the less we attract adverse experiences that need to be “forgiven,” if you will. Furthermore, the less we will be needing to forgive ourselves for having a faulty point of attraction. Indeed, we may be tethered to each other on some level, as in soul contracts where we are predestined to live out karma with others… but at the end of the day, our free will is ours alone.

As long as we are committed to our personal soul growth… any cord can be cut on a dime. This life is subject to change at any moment according to people’s free will choices in any given circumstance. All it takes is one small, tiny little micro move to change the course of destiny forever. Leave late, miss the bus, & miss the mass shooting that day that killed everybody in your classroom. Free will choices pivot outcomes & have the capability to alter karma. If we choose to clean up our karma by making better choices, our toxic ties will fade away as a result. We are not bound to some preordained fate. Cause & effect is an infallible design. We can use it to our advantage to modify any situation, including our intended karma.

It’s not our individual job to repair flawed programs or behaviors outside of ourselves

We only have one job, & that is to perfect our person. As we do this, we become a magnetic influencer to those closest to us in such a way that we begin to organically change others just by being who we are. As we change into a better version of ourselves we influence others to do the same. This is how we teach our children. This is how we impact our community. This is how we touch our friends & inspire our lovers. This is how we change the world. As more & more people become the living truth, the better off our entire society will be. Our world becomes a better place because the individuals that populate it are freer, healthier, more joyful, clean, clear, conscious, lighter, brighter, plugged in, connected, compassionate, harmonized, synchronized & at peace.

The more I establish an inner faith that allows me to consciously create & manifest my life experiences with ease & ingenuity for the highest good of all, the more I activate the alchemy of Universal Law within the space of this world for others to witness & uphold in their own lives. Miracles beget more miracles & before you know it, whole towns of people begin being populated with miracle makers. This is what becoming the change we wish to see in the world looks like. It’s the best policy & the only true most efficient way to change the world on a grand scale. I am here to be my best version, & most authentic true self as a soul in a suit. In doing so, my circle of influence will grow. Friendships that serve me will materialize. My most cooperative team will show up & my soul family will begin to take their places in my life, & I in theirs. This is how we honor our true identity: GOD. This is what “know thyself” means.

Continue reading “What is God?/Pt 2” HERE & stay tuned for the next installment of “The Truth Pages” where the TRUTH doesn’t care about your opinion.

NOTE: When Einstein attended some conferences in the numerous universities of the USA, the recurring question that the students asked him was:

“Do you believe in God?”

And he always answered: “I believe in the God of Spinoza.”

Find out who Spinoza is HERE. (extremely uncanny article regarding what you just read, that I happen to discover minutes before publishing this story)

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