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When I was a little girl, we had a piano in our living room. The piano bench was packed with a bunch of old cards my about to be divorced parents exchanged for their anniversary every year since they got married. There was a stack of these charming oversized kooky cartooned cards circa 1970s with way too many pet names. A little secret… my mom actually called my dad “spoon, spoony, & spooner,” lol.

Long before the speed train to Splitsville… my parents actually loved each other like flirty teenagers once upon a time. It was endearing to me as a kid, to be a fly on the wall in that regard. Buried underneath the pile of “I love you 4 evers” were some nuts & bolts, squashed Christmas bows & some hidden sheets of music. We were proud Italian Americans from Philadelphia & it was the 1980s, so it only made perfect sense that my dad had a “Rocky” score in that bench.

Well, 41 years ago, at 6 years old, I figured out how to play “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme song that plays when Rocky is running up the Art Museum steps. I remember how triumphant that felt as a little girl… knowing that maybe one day, I could (proverbially) run up those steps just like Rocky.

Well, I graced the real steps in downtown Philly a handful of times over the years. Not the way you would expect, but it still counts, lol. I stumbled up them stoned, late at night drunk with friends, pranced up them on a Sunday afternoon adulting at the museum like a tourist & I even got caught up in a hot make-out sesh on them once!

Today, however, I am gracing them like never before. I’m sprinting up them like Rocky Balboa… born ready, worked my tail off to get here, exhausted but full of endorphins, & about to dance in the ring like a champion prepared to WIN! Thus, I present you with my newest book. It’s my turn to FLY.

That said… I wrote this book pretty fast, spun from a blog post I published 4 years ago. It’s not only an anomaly, but it’s quite controversial. Talk about hot topics. I believe in this project so deeply, that I have completely let go of all expectations, & am just along for the ride. Honestly, when I ponder its potential, I get butterflies, which never happened before. If you still haven’t read one of my books yet… this would be the one to break you in.

Everybody & their mother, kid & next door neighbor seems to have a book out now that is a bestseller. Celebrities & politicians, so many other people make it look so easy. There are 1000s of bestsellers across the globe. I just want to have ONE. Well… many would be nice. I write these books to be read, studied & revered, not to be dust collectors. I have 8 books out now, & so far the silence is deafening, & disheartening I might add. It’s not always easy to keep going & believing, despite rejection over & over again. I thought people liked underdogs? Well… c’est la vie… I don’t plan to be an underdog much longer.

That said… if THIS doesn’t break the ice, shatter glass ceilings & make some noise… then I don’t know what will. If the topic of sex doesn’t interest you, then this book is not for you. If you are appalled by the content, oh well, can’t please everybody. If you decide to read it… you are in for a ride, ma’am or sir. 🙂

Jenay Zapp

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