Truth Pages: What Is Church? (Pt 2)

A Limited Series

If you haven’t read “What Is Church?/Pt 1” access it HERE.

Church is supposed to be the house of God, but it has become the house of RELIGION

I was raised Catholic, & then converted to “Christian” around age 22. I was quite the Jesus Freak Bible thumper for a spell in the late 90s. I went on to dabble in everything from Wicca, to Eckankar, to Christian Science, to Buddhism, to Taoism, to Jainism, Mysticism, Rastafarianism, Shamanism, Universalism, Transcendentalism, Cabalism, to Hinduism via the Hare Krishna Temple. In one way or another, I have researched & studied all the many world religions at large as they pertain to “the truth.” At the time, I was fervently in search of who knew it, & what religions were aligned with it. In retrospect, I was clearly gathering intel so that I could break the chains of rampant false B.S. (B.elief S.ystems).

In my 20s, I would go church hopping inquisitively with an adventurous spirit. I went from teeming concert congregations to intimate prayer circles. I’ve been to a variety of church services over my lifetime, been an active member of some, was involved in the band in others. I received all the Catholic sacraments as a child. Growing up, my Catholic peers & I were TRAINED to memorize & recite prayers & perform rituals that were supposed to exonerate us from any sinful thoughts or behaviors. They were formulated to be a talisman to give us some kind of protection over all the evils in the world.

That said, ironically, I no longer endorse religion. I have since found that a person does not need this institution to be one with their Divinity. At large, religion has become a means to separate us into sections of people across the world who DISAGREE. Religion has taken over the true meaning of why Church was originally intended. Religion has corrupted the sacred venue of Church with indifference, disparity, closed hearts & one-track minds. Religion has made Church the house of man, not God, & this is what was not intended. Church is supposed to be a celebration of diversities, a joining of forces in a unified effort to praise the goodness, bounty & blessings inside of us & all around us.

“Those who practice Love have neither religion or status.” -Rumi

My name is Jenay Zapp, I am the author of 8 books, I am a spiritual guide, conscious revolutionary & here on this planet to educate the population with TRUTH. I am a wayshower here to advance people to higher ground. If you engage my content you will benefit on a level beyond this world, for I am a channel for TRUTH, & as the adage states, 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒕𝒉 𝒔𝒆𝒕𝒔 𝒖𝒔 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆.

What is truth? Well, truth is an uninterrupted knowing of what is real. When you are a person who is tapped in, tuned in & turned on, you are a person who speaks only truth all the time. Not part time, but all the time. I speak from a cosmic standpoint & although my feelings are mixed in… TRUTH is the narrator.

I may be a proud, rough around the edges GenXer who has ridden bareback through the trenches of my generation with bells on, but I am no frivolous entity with a personal agenda. I am an evolved soul mindfully & deliberately making moves every single second to fortify cosmic consciousness in my peers. Enlightenment is my forte. Dig it, or don’t. I’m not here to convince, I am here to magnetize all who seek higher ground. Welcome.

Church is meant to be a service to one another by reconciling our differences

Church is meant to be a space where we surrender our judgments & see each other for who we are. Who are we? We are souls in suits with unique gifts & individual life paths. Church was meant to be a place of the worship of our innate Divine human potential & the expansion of our cosmic consciousness thereof. It was not meant to be a patronizing ceremony honoring a morbid corpse on a cross that “died for our sins” or an oppressive overlord in the sky who shall be feared at all costs.

Church was definitely not meant to be a place that worships a flawed book strewn with misinterpreted jargon, mismanaged rhetoric, hypocritical hearsay & Draconian dogma. Can you tell I’m a true fan? Church is meant to be a place of the worshipping of our own soul’s holy light. Church is a place we are to honor our truth & authenticity as humans who are called to exemplify the highest expression of ourselves as Gods & Goddesses of perfect love. Regrettably, Church has morphed into endless twisted versions of this instead.

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We gather together in all the many holy houses across the planet not to serve God but to serve versions of God that are only halfway true. These are versions that had been conjured & crafted over time to endorse various forms of tyranny. Despite modern times, systemic changes & evolution of thought… humans all over the world are still going to church or temples or whatnot, to worship the Old Testament God of Moses. This is the God who came out of a burning bush, & spoke the Ten Commandments onto two slabs of cold stone.

This is the God who made sure to give none of us the glory that we deserve unless we grovel at the foot of an esoteric deity in the sky & repent for our offensive, dirty original sins. The Old Testament is labeled old for a reason. To this day, this version of God somehow manages to stick around as the menacing archetype that all religions revolve around in their own distinct way. This “God of the dark ages” needs to be lifted to light. This version of a patriarchal God who is separate from us, is old, outdated & couldn’t be further from the truth. So then…

Church is not a place, friends, it’s a way of life, a feeling, a vibe, an experience

Church is the continuous here now moment where we have an opportunity to be our best version. Church is choosing to live in a state of continuous gratitude. Church is being connected to all life on a deeper level as to where we are experiencing the natural world in all its glory, all the time. Thus, Church is the witnessing of miracles daily. Church is an attitude, a mentality, faith in the greater good. Church is meditation, stillness, high vibratory frequency. Church is laughter, joy, & celebration, but also rest, sleep, & peace. Church is feeling good, aligned, flowing on the path of least resistance, & plugged into Source Energy. Church is honoring our intuitive prompts, our gut feelings, our heart calls. Church is tapping in, tuning in & turning on.

Church is the practice of values by way of a properly maintained moral compass. Church is the practice of “Ahimsa” which means “do no harm.” Church is the practice of doing no harm because all lives matter. Church is empathy. Church is intuitive attunement to our fellow man, creature & environment. Church is being hyper-aware of how we treat each other, animals & the planet. Church is sensitivity to our surroundings, healthy boundaries & mindful behavior. Church is taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, & deeds. Church is the vigilant gardening of our thoughts, words & deeds. Church is using our words wisely, to spell goodness, love, healing & positivity, not harm, hatred, lies, misfortune, or negativity.

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Church is proactively balancing our chakras, aligning our lives with purpose, harnessing our breath to circulate prana life force energy. Church is being in tune with our bodies, nurturing optimal health & wellness by nurturing an inner state of infinite zen. Church is healthy consumption on all levels: food, drink, sight, sound, elements, energies, materials & substances. Church is engaging in healthy activities, adventure, challenges, fun, freedom, sacred sex & sensuality, music, art, dance, sport & creative expression. Church is mining our energy fields, allowing our auric fields to be leveled up by our Angels & Guides on a consistent basis so as to avoid personal toxicity. Church is this allegiance to our fellow human to be our best versions so that we may nourish life not deplete it. This is Church.

Church is a conscious connection to our greatness within

Church is honoring our God identity by IDENTIFYING with it. This is how we become one with it, enable & enforce it. This is why Church is anywhere YOU are, because you are GOD. That said, Church is also recognizing the God in one another (Namaste). When we recognize the God in one another by default, Church becomes our shared experiences, & how we support & encourage each other. Church becomes healthy communication, mutual respect, harmonious relationships, diplomacy, justice, & equal rights.

Church is anywhere you want it to be. Church can be you alone in a forest of birds, bugs, animals, trees, stars & invisible entities serving you. THIS is “where two or more are gathered in my name.” The name is GOD & God is YOU. Church is NOW. It’s our job to show up, & be led & guided every second of every day by the shepherd inside of us called our inner being, higher self, our soul, or “I AM” presence. Church is alive inside of us & all around us. If we treat life like Church & every meeting we have with others as a meeting with a member of a sacred congregation, we will be serving ourselves & humanity at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

Amen. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Allahu Akbar! Thanks be to God. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hari Hari, Hari Rama. Shalom. Namaste!

Stay tuned for the next installment of “The Truth Pages” where the TRUTH doesn’t care about your opinion.

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