America’s Towering Resilience

The first major event that transpired upon the red carpet in the 21st century, beside the ball drop in NYC.. was 911. It happened so abruptly for most of us and was such a traumatic, life altering game changer for all of us as an American unit. Whether you are patriotic or not, if you were standing on American soil on 9/11/2001, the twin tower tragedy as surreal or as scandalous as it seemed, was a landmark in American history and affected all of us in some way, shape or form. And every single year that September 11 rolls around… I feel compelled to speak of it, in honor of our heroes, sacrificial lambs, lost fathers, mothers, brothers, wives, daughters, sons, sisters, and friends. I feel compelled to pay tribute every single year that day arises again and again, to remind us of our mortality. To remind us of our fierce ability as a unit, to be brave and defend our integrity as Americans and human beings alike, no matter what religion, race or nationality. We stand strong, tall, and united… when tested. We demonstrated nobility and grace under pressure, strain and sheer scarcity. Demonstrated dignity in the face of sheer death and destruction and the unknown of a possible war zone right in our very backyard. We are resilient, & beautifully connected to each other in ways that only God can explain. Thank you, everyone who came through. Thank you to American People. Especially the teams of optimistic, courageous, loving folks of New York City! We salute you! God bless America!



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