Slideshows 4 “Porn: A Hard Look”

Welcome to the companion to my newest book release: "Porn: A Hard Look: There's More Than Meets the Eye." This post will be published before the book is published, so if the link to purchase the book is not available, don't be alarmed, it will appear shortly. Standby for a Book Launch announcement post. Wait for it... highly recommended pairing! Cheers!

Porn: a HARD look

You're invited! Pornography is a saucy subject with tons of fans and tons of foes all at once. It is the only platform in the world that is loved and hated in tandem. The porn trade, the sex industry, the old soul of prostitution are culturally condemned but ironically met with extreme enthusiasm as they remain the most exalted and explored arena of our day. Move over Sigmund Freud... I got this.

The Devil’s in the Detailz: The Untold Stories That Made Me Brave

I've been through a lot in my life, as most of us have. But, my path has been very trying, tumultuous and tragic, more than the average person. Things could have been worse. However, the personal impact of anyone's plight should never be up for debate. We all have a story. Don't we?

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