Pandora’s Box is a Dumpster Fire

Well… it sure looks like OLD PROGRAMS are holding on for dear life.

Humanitarian crisis(es)… an understatement. Ukrainians, Mexicans, Haitians, Afghanis… displaced children are everywhere, & sex trafficking is at an all-time high as a result. All over the United States in places such as Texas, Puerto Rico, Colorado, California, up & down the East Coast, & all across the Midwest, have suffered catastrophic losses due to fire & storm casualties that ruthlessly sneak up with no warning. Global warming is REAL. Ya think?

World War 3 is a looming distinct possibility. Chemical warfare, cyber warfare & biological warfare are no longer just ideas. Third world places with no technology, clean water or viable nutrition are growing & in dire need. The oil spills, the illegal & unethical dumping, the infected water supply, the compromised air quality, the over-demand for excess… is an epidemic. The savage slaughter industry, the inhumane dairy industry & the way people just nonchalantly behave like descendants of Vikings every single day with no regard for their fellow man or animal is UNACCEPTABLE.

No person can love another if they do not know how to LOVE THEMSELVES first. Therein lies humanity’s rub. Ya think?

Watching the worldwide human community scramble to learn hard lessons is not easy on the eyes… or heart, for that matter. There are undoubtedly many other scenarios that could play out that would be much less egregious. But, that’s not the case. Hence, Pandora’s Box is (most definitely) on FIRE.

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The outdated system is crumbling, & it’s painful to witness.

I might have written SEVERAL books about it, but it’s still agonizing to observe. Humanity at large seems to be hitting rock bottom every single day. It’s redundant & exhausting. It’s no secret that the long lineage of expired practices, programs & principles are rising to the surface to be cleared. Now, is a historic moment for this reason. There was never a time like this on Earth before. This is happening on a grand scale so that HEARTS can be cracked open, however… it sure appears just the opposite at times.

Ah, the paradox of Universal Law. What a peach.

I didn’t think I came to this planet to be constantly on some kind of reconnaissance mission, but thus far, for centuries… being human is just that: a reconnaissance mission. There’s a trick or trap around every corner sitting pretty for its 5 seconds of fake fame. Not being a fan of smack or small talk, doesn’t make me a snob, for the record. I respect my aura, & take my karmic imprint very seriously. We are responsible co-creators here on this planet & we should honor that duty to the fullest. To do otherwise, is a supreme sacrilege.

Unfortunately, there are people who think sacrilege is a pizza topping.

Thus, we have two kinds of people right now in this world: the dreaming & awake. The sheeple & un-sheeple. The shadow keepers & the light-bringers. Many people have one foot in both worlds, which is exhausting. This collective chaos is taxing, toxic, & too much for an empathic individual, such as I, to bear at times. I don’t know about you, but I’m spent. With all due respect, nothing against Trump, per se, but…

If half the population desperately needed a dude like Donald Trump to “save” them? Something is really really wrong with our system & society.

The mundane meaningless fodder that overwhelms everything everywhere is a REFLECTION of a vast portion of the human population. The things that go viral these days are pretty 3 dimensional, if ya ask me. When I zoom into the idiocracy rampant in our world, I totally want to gallop feverishly into a Tarantino sunset to never again return.

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