Stern and Snapple: winning combo of ’92

In 1992, I was 17, I just graduated H.S in the Spring. That Fall, I started commuting to my local community college for classes that I was working to pay for via a shitty job I had at the Clover Snack Bar.

Fun Fact: I eventually got fired, & taken out of the store in handcuffs, cause I was stealing out of the register the entire time I worked there. I never rang up hot dogs, lol.

I tripped on Acid every weekend, I was fat, unhappy, & smoked a pack a day of Marlboro/Winston/Parliament/Camel… you name it. We stole cartons from the Mobil station where my boyfriend worked the graveyard shift. I drank Snapple from Wawa like it was going out of style. And, school cafeteria cheese fries were a really crappy habit I kept even after HS.

That said, I think it’s kinda funny that underneath it all, my soul still had a secret longing even then, to do exactly what I’m doing NOW. Weird. My major was: Video Production. My roster for that semester was Audio Production class, Video Production 1, English Comp 1, Creative Writing, & a new class they were offering that year: “Writing for the religious & spiritual market,” If that ain’t uncanny.

I drove to school reluctantly every morning on windy back roads watching the misty layer of dew rise from the Bucks County fields of gold & green. My tin can of a car was an ’85 Ford Escort 4 cylinder hatchback with 4 different tires. And I DIY installed a rad CD player I pulled out of some beater in the local junkyard.

Every morning bright & early, I’d be whipping around bends, pounding coffee saturated with Equal packets & listening to the old faithful: Howard Stern in the morning. Thank God for “Baba Booey,” sidekick Robin’s kooky laugh… & Stern’s anything but PC raunchy attitude. It seriously got me through the trying, dark, shadowy days I found myself clawing to escape from back then.

I was so unhappy. My life was a serious drag, I hated my mom, my home life was beyond toxic. My dad was in his cued-up prescription pill dreamworld of sorts, paying for his new wife’s college education instead of mine. My boyfriend & I knew then we were growing apart, but managed to still stay together 7 MORE years after that. Don’t tell me that’s not totally insane. I really truly believed that the only way out was to just one day hopefully keel over. And that’s exactly what happened, lol.

I had a sharp pain strike me in the middle of an evening class up in the bleacher seats of the giant theater-like classroom & it nearly knocked the wind right out. I had no idea what was happening. So I actually raised my hand, & asked to be excused. We had no cell phones or anything, so I then rushed myself to the local ER. Turns out that I got there just in the nick of time, because I happened to be minutes away from my appendix almost bursting.

Over the years, I had sometimes wished it woulda just done so. Cause after that… they operated successfully, I eventually made a full recovery & then went on to have the most challenging life ever. I have had trials & tribulations that far exceed a movie. I’ve been to hell & back. And somehow, I managed to land on my feet like a cat. It’s quite odd.

I sometimes still feel like that chubby teenager with Tastykake crumbs in my lap, slurping coffee to Stern with a cigarette fastened to my lower lip. But I am not. I’m a book writer now… for a market that is well beyond religious & spiritual. It’s 30 years later, & New Earth is dawning, for godsake. Who knew? lol

I was inspired to write this blog, because I am about to record Audio Book versions of my books this month. I built a makeshift studio in my apt & I’m attempting to master the audio tech I SHOULD HAVE mastered in 1992, if I wouldn’t have dropped out of college. But, oh well, thats the way the Tastykake crumbles. 🙂

At this stage of the game, circa Age of Aquarius 2021, there is nothing I want more in this life at this time than my books to go viral. And this: I shall make happen, in one way or another, fam.

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Don’t Skip the Trip!


Don’t Skip the Trip! Seize the Day…

Did ya ever feel like ya just wanna pick up and go? Well, maybe it is because it’s time. Maybe it’s because change is calling you. Maybe it’s because the world keeps turning & turning & there is so much to see, do & experience in this life, that you might be missing, or you may never know unless you just GO! Maybe it’s because life just leads us to places where we need to be. Or, back to places we’ve been. Maybe to new folks we are meant to meet, or to reunite with old ones. Maybe it’s been too long, maybe everybody is growing up or growing older, way— too— fast.

Maybe a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered… like a vacation destination or a weekend getaway. Nothing like a camp trip in the wilderness to infuse serenity & simplicity back into our lives. Maybe a short trip out of town is the best medicine for a broken heart or a dead end job. Maybe a weekend couch surf at Mom & Dad’s is a good idea, to remind us of where we came from or what our dreams once were.

Maybe a  long train ride with a window seat  and a good book (buy below!)… is at hand. Maybe a lazy day with a magazine or two on the beach isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe the salty air and the beauty of the sea will cleanse away worry, soothe any sadness, vanish all fear or trepidation.

On the other hand, maybe a jump out of an airplane, a  jet ski jolt, a zip down the zip line, a ski down a slope, a climb or hike, a rockin’ roller coaster ride or a dance floor frenzy… will snap us back. Okay, too crazy? Let’s stroll the countryside then, on a tour through the vineyard inside the timeless adventure of an afternoon wine tasting…this will certainly soothe the soul.

A five-star plush hotel with midnight room service, breakfast in bed, a great view,  a mint on your pillow, a live band at the lounge & cocktails by the heated pool. Anyone? Anyone? How about adrift beneath glowing clouds, a night spent under twinkly stars on the shiny white  yacht cruising down the moonlit waterway. I don’t know which one sounds better. But…I’m in!

An Autumn bike ride thru city streets to the local coffee shop or corner cafe. Or a motorcycle day trip on the tree-lined open country road on a sunny blue sky day. Or how about a spin through town with the top down. Antique row and flea market central. Mall shopping, restaurant hopping. Big city lights. A long stretching distant horizon of quiet sparkly lights. That old dirt road, an old farmhouse B&B. The way our life is meant to be. FREE!

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