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downloadThe Book of Beautiful Feelings: Raw New Book, Hailed a “Fantastic Read” by Critics, Showcases the Art & Skill of Life-Changing “Deliberate Creation”


The world thru the Eyes of an Empath is a world that most people tend to flash by without notice or recognition. This book is about “noticing.” Maybe we all need to notice more readily, the very things that make us hungry, thirsty and tick…for life. What are Beautiful Feelings? Well, my friends, Beautiful Feelings are the essence of why we are even here on this Earth today, walking, breathing, socializing, interacting, engaging, chatting, choosing, fusing…. our moments with other moments, alive in this very split second moving swiftly past so darn fast!


The break-down…


1.representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.

Deliberate Creation: 

Whenever your thoughts are on what you do not want, you are creating by default.
When you are aware of your thoughts and consciously thinking of what you do want, you are creating deliberately.
AKA: This book is a perfect guide to the heart of how and why and when to deliberately use the inner power of thoughts and feelings to create the life you desire and deserve.
Spiked with humor and pop culture, nostalgia, health, wellness and a slew of quick fixes for changing the game…..I call this Hot New Release: CosmicPop
Stunning in its arrival….it’s Esther Hicks meets her comedic soul twin  and they pop out a few savvy must read magazine articles that could very well be introduced with a warm and enchanting low deep moving insightful commentary by Morgan Freeman. lol
Circa Summer 2016, Olympians allowed us the pleasure to celebrate victory and we were able to live vicariously through the eyes of triumph, bravery, courage, strength, team spirit and camaraderie. Spinning right off into the American popbuzz fiesta, just like the fire of Olympic charm, this book is a well-written tribute and celebration of us as a people, culture and community united, despite our differences. Written from the poignant perspective of not only an empath, but an empath who is a survivor of abuse & addiction, which makes this book compelling & personal. Her harrowing flight with a victorious landing is the backdrop, but is what makes the context of this book all the more meaningful & inspiring.
Who would speculatively endorse this book? Lady O. O Magazine. Dr Wayne Dyer. Natural Awakenings Magazine. Wisdom Magazine. Spirituality & Health Magazine. Christy Whitman. Louise Hay. Kathy Lee & Hoda. Probably Gordon Ramsey, since his picture is in it accompanied by a slick little fun bio rant. Martin Luther King Jr., The Dali Lama, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Eckhart Tolle. Tony Robbins, Solara An-Ra, Dr Phil, Dr Oz, Leo Buscaglia. Robin Williams, Robin McGraw, Bob Marley, Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Jimi Hendricks, Dave Matthews, Bono, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder. Sonia Choquette, Marianne Williamson, Kurt Cobain, Kahlil Gibran. Emmylou Harris, Maya Angelou, Shana Tucker. Joel Osteen, Ryan Shanahan, Ann Curry, Barbara Walters. Abraham Lincoln, Buddha, Albert Einstein and Jesus. I betchya even Dr. Michael Savage would enjoy this one….
That would be my guess, just to name (a few). lol
Quite an eclectic bunch. I guess that’s my point…
A motivational read or a relaxing beach book. You can even just lay it down on your coffee table and stare at it for a while till a random page calls you to it… right into what you are meant to see. Whether its a second or an hour. Whether its cover to cover or a random selection. Whether its a root through or a ravishing rush through….it will teach you something, refine you, rephrase you, redefine you, redirect you, reveal you, and uplift you to recognize……the world though Empathic Eyes.
Refreshing Read!!!!
The Book of Beautiful Feelings:
A Quintessential Guide to the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation
By: Jenay D Zapparelli
 cover 104
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Chapter Ten: Pack some snax, come follow the moon, catch a ride on the El-Train

This chapter will tantalize your taste buds, make you smitten by nature, then bedazzle you with a visionary adventure of the coolest parts of the concrete jungle.
The reader will be truly indoctrinated by “Beautiful Feelings” and by the very amusement of this chapter. This is yet another one of the author’s colorful attempts to sweep the reader off their feet by serving them with a bounty of magnificent “Beautiful Feelings.” The author is a Culinary Arts graduate, which actually makes her a true authority on the subject of “snax.” She has a lot of fun with this one, and so will the reader.
The very last paragraph is actually the song lyrics to “Ghostbusters” from the 1980s motion picture film. It is humorously placed there as a sprightly segue to the final chapter, eleven…..which speaks of banishing the proverbial “ghosts” of past thought habits and patterns.

Almost home!

Stick around…



Chapter eight: Pop Culture

This chapter is broken down into seven sub-genres. They are as follows:
A. American Holidays
B. Tattoos
C. Threads & Ornaments
D. Tee Shirts & Bumper Stickers
E. Talking Heads
F. Books
G. Smell Goods
Under each heading, you will find a synopsis narrating each of their cultural standpoints. Each piece is wildly exploited in order to proliferate the beautiful feelings they give to our lives. With sovereign grace, this chapter truly defines “pop culture” in terms of “Beautiful Feelings,” and gives new meaning to it.
It is also a short sweet tribute to America, tattoo artists, and mainstream media, giving ever so graciously: credit, where credit is due.
Chapter eight truly encompasses a vast sprawling spectrum of Beautiful Feelings, all originating from the very loins of “Pop Culture” herself.

Hey everybody! Thank you for your time and attention to the short daily glimpses into my new book: “The Book of Beautiful Feelings: A Quintessential Guide to the Art and Skill of Deliberate Creation.” I sincerely appreciate your interest, and surely value your curiosity. I hope that the gradual build up to the finished product is satisfying:)


Remember… is a new fresh day, filled with millions of new fresh little miracles and golden opportunities….

Don’t forget to NOTICE!!

Love & Light!



Chapter Six: Music, Money, and Gifts

This chapter features 3 main topics: Music, Money, and Gifts. They each inspire recurring trends in mainstream pop culture that most certainly seem to continue to stimulate and fascinate.
Under each heading is a passionate analysis of the author’s colorful standpoint on each area of interest. Although she claims to be of no authority on these subjects, she clearly has unleashed her profound imaginative view. Characterizing each theme with acute specificity while demonstrating how each one affects our lives as a whole, she clearly defines what she feels are very poignant truths. They are truths she wishes for the reader to have fun with but also earnestly consider. In essence, the intention of a chapter like this is to entertain, connect, inform, enlighten, and ultimately unravel and broadcast more and more irresistible beautiful feelings.

Thank you kindly, for your time, attention & interest. An American playwright and novelist named Thornton Wilder once said: “Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.”      🙂


Much obliged!!

Warmest regards,


Have a gorgeous day!

Book Synopsis

Title: “The Book of Beautiful Feelings: A Quintessential Guide to the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation”

Newest Book Promo:

The Book of Beautiful Feelings: Raw New Book, Hailed a “Fantastic Read” by Critics, Showcases the Art & Skill of Life-Changing “Deliberate Creation”

Introducing… a book that will change your life if you indeed allow the Words within it, to be Wands. Fortified with well over 100 colorful images, it is a nonfiction self-help magical manual on manifestation. It’s compelling autobiographical backdrop spins a true tale of transformation from travesty to triumph. It is dedicated to all the underdogs of our culture that deserve to now win, all those who suffer or struggle with abuse, addiction, or incarceration… & their families. Essentially a guide facilitating the Art of Holistic Recovery, the book unravels self-improvement & self-empowerment with untamed spirit. It is a testimony of sorts, with a fabulous Gen-X spin & flavorful pop culture twist. Containing a vast spectrum of moods & messages like a charming peruse down the Hallmark card aisle…we have Five-star quality here. A radiant GEM with a thousand points of light…this one’s a keeper, folks.

Author Review:

Miss Zapparelli is an empath, healing Agent, intuitive light guide, gifted writer, researcher, poet, gypsy & sage. She is a conscious leader, channeller & righteous renegade for the Spiritual Revolution. But with regard to this book, she is more importantly… a survivor. Her ability to combine street cred with her prolific knowledge & wisdom of Universal Law is how the magic happens, & where indeed the heartbeat of this book is realized. Her story is compelling & sets the stage for the inspiring playful scenes that follow. Her personalized disclosure of inner transformation will thus inspire, awaken, captivate, & connect all the dots thereof. Invite her into your space, fasten your seatbelt. New York Times Best Seller List…here she comes!! Her mentors: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Stuart Wilde, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Solara An Ra, Darryl Anka, Tony Robbins, Emanuel Swedenborg, Bentinho Massaro, Bob Proctor, Christy Whitman, Sonia Cho Quette, Julia Cameron, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Ernest Zapparelli….just to name a few.

cover 104
View book on for Description & brief Author Review. Purchase Kindle version for only $3.99 USD & click here to BUY NOW for $21.95 USD with Free Shipping to anywhere in the US! Buy Now Button  
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Original Book Promo:

Introducing: a non-fiction self-empowerment inspirational guide book with a pop culture spin… on how to create happiness, by virtue of an innovative theory of transcendence I call: Beautiful Feelings. The basis of the book is simply about the Art & Skill of Deliberately Creating Beautiful Feelings by accessing individual personal power via proper thoughts. Although there has been a myriad of books written with a motif of mental augmentation, this book is certainly a fresh new view. The concept of “the power of thoughts” has certainly been written about before. This unique new version, however, is by far in a class of its own. It is sure to beam brilliance right off your coffee table!

The inventive way it provides a thorough understanding & clear definition of human nature, character, proclivities, & principles has a truly avant-garde approach. It imaginatively illustrates individual personal power and how to harness it through the use of Beautiful Feelings and/or positive thinking via the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation. It demonstrates an age old concept brought to life in a whole new way, a spin on Universal law, if you will. In addition, it is laced with all kinds of fun analogies, famous quotes, creative metaphors and humorous satire, which truly make this otherwise deep serious subject much more lighthearted indeed.

Each chapter has informative guidance, practical wisdom, & tools for growth & human advancement. Each chapter is also filled with the active exhilaration of Beautiful Feelings in transit from page to page via pop culture, nature, & the amusing little hoots & hollers of simple life. The book teaches valuable lessons while simultaneously engaging the reader in playful exercises facilitated by the operative experience of Beautiful Feelings.

It is relatable to all genres of people from start to finish and unequivocally initiates & inspires inclusion & connection. Cliff’s notes: the reader can’t help but feel connected to everyone & everything while engaged in this wonderful little adventure.

The language of the book has a playfully amusing charm & a warm homegrown levity & wit. Rhythm & rhyme rush through its pages & will sweep you off your feet while making sense of every twist & turn. Its composition has a distinct personal appeal, familiar tone & heartfelt grace. You just might instantly fall in love with its savvy sweetness & genuine sentiment while picking up golden nuggets of knowledge and wisdom along the way, & hopefully a giggle or two… Not to mention, cleverly coloring the walls of each chapter are photos and pictures that were collected from the world wide web, that just simply bring these pages to life! It’s so much more fun to read with pictures!

It is also an affectionate tribute to life, our world, our race, & all the blessings we undoubtedly are gifted with. It recognizes those people & things that make America: the beautiful, that make our world: a better place, & that do indeed make life: worth living. It touches on all the common interests we share. This book is a portrayal of the undeniable way we all identify with so many of the same feelings. It shows how Beautiful Feelings do assuredly bring us together to celebrate life & living. It has a very “down to earth” quality & sort of fun American novelty to it. It’s a feel good book that enumerates the values of human experience.

It is a Book on Fire! It is strongly influential & substantially effective for two reasons. One, it is empowering on contact from the very beginning.The expression of Beautiful Feelings begins working to improve mood & attitude promptly upon being read, just like a happy pill or brisk walk in the park. Two, by the end, the reader will be empowered to have a greater understanding of the human design. Subsequently, he will have new tools to fashion his own design within it.

These pages are lit up with vibrancy, dignity & the fire of being alive. It is a rhapsody of radiant “God Magic” & lofty vibration verily unraveling the intimacy & goodness inherent in us all. Namaste…

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