Brand New Book Announcement


Greetings. Welcome to my announcement. Book #2 is at hand.

Title: Livin’ the Dream

Subtitle: The Law of Attraction is no Secret.

I chose this title to display the gist clearly. I used terms that are familiar to pop culture. This is a non-denominational, non-fiction, self-help guide on harnessing inner power for the means of manifesting dreams. Yet, it’s so much more than that though. It has a revolutionary spirit, & almost a singular hum of immaculate infinity. It’s current. It’s raw, real & fresh.

I am at a stage as an Author, writer, channeler… that everything I do is unconventional. That said, comic relief peppers my pages with a genuine edge of amusing true grit that we can all relate to, no apologies. Book #2 is a firecracker & it’s seasoned, just like me.

Small talk is a waste of my time, with all due respect, so I speak about stuff that’s meaningful & relevant, interesting & exciting. I write to serve. I do write to entertain, that’s the fun part. I write articles on my blog to reach people. I write books to assist the evolution of mankind.

Regular people. Anybody with an open mind or heart. Anybody wondering, questioning, confused, or misguided. Anybody inspired, evolved, or enlightened. Anybody walkin’ down the street, in a store line, on a phone, texting, talking, working, or sleeping. Anybody whose simple, or complex; sad, or happy; annoyed, or elated. All of it.

All of us. We are all students of life. No discrimination. No matter what mood you’re in. No matter what phase or stage. No matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from. We are all human people with a heartbeat. That is all you need to qualify here. That said, the book has a heartbeat. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Coming soon!

Livin’ the dream

The Law of Attraction is No Secret

Jenay D Zapparelli



September 2017


Will keep ya posted…


JZapp 🙂

Official Book Release!

Greetings Lovely friends and visitors….Today is the day! Tomorrow is the day! And so is every day after that!

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I am rounding up the masses, gathering as many wonderful personalities as I can rally, old and new….so that you all can have the opportunity to become valuable friends and fans in support and interest. My brand/blog will benefit everyone. It is simply just a platform for expression, art, health, wellness, networking, connection, empowerment, and revolutionary spirited verse that will essentially inspire you to be a better you. Go Team!

My venture is a generous one with proper intentions, brimming with ideas, current mainstream pop culture, nostalgia, and wisdom, all with cutting edge landscapes of imagination… and never short of a good giggle. All content will be poised with practical tips, hints, clues for beating the blues, and maintaining balance and flow so as to stay in alignment with Universal magic.  My blog and book are fun, and filled with love and light. They will have a gritty underlying edge, just like the Author… yours truly. You never know what little tidbit could appear on my blog or in my book and/or along the mystique of my travels that will be valuable to your life path. Heck, my blog just might end up having a huge following that could be very well passed over to your product, business or brand as well. I learned how to share in kindergarten…lol. So! Try Me! This could end up being a superfly  marketing sensation! For all!! 

Again, I created this website, to accompany my first published book. Some might recall, in 2014, I was in hot pursuit of manifesting my dream. Two years later, it is achieved, and I am pleased to make this announcement to the public. What is great about all this, is now that I have set a standard, and have successfully established a home for my creative endeavors….I will be able to produce many more works going forward, much more efficiently. That’s a sweet little prospect. Life is short. Movin’ and shakin’ is preferred in this town….:)

In closing,

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On Sale Now

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The Book of Beautiful Feelings:
A Quintessential Guide to the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation
By: Jenay D Zapparelli

cover 104

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cover 104

On Sale Now!

The Book of Beautiful Feelings:
A Quintessential Guide to the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation
By: Jenay D Zapparelli 

Book Synopsis

cover 104

View book on for Description & brief Author Review. Purchase Kindle version for only $3.99 USD & click here to BUY NOW for $21.95 USD with Free Shipping to anywhere in the US! Buy Now Button  
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Let’s just say: for the sake of entrepreneurial spirit.

In support of your local artist, talent, author, musician, poet, skilled professional, entrepreneur, or aspiring athlete, student, graduate, or chef…. in ambitious pursuit of their dreams, visions, and goals. The integrity, respect, honor, success, pride, value, and true achievement of our wonderful communities across the globe, are built by those who honor their true callings and use their talents and gifts. We admire these people, look to them as mentors and leaders, and use them as good healthy examples to teach our children; anything is possible in this life if you believe in yourself and the power of the God or Goddess within you!

The Book:

This is not your average read.


Take it to the beach, the pool, on the plane, on the train, on vacation, out on the porch swing, the bus, the backseat, to the grassy knoll under a tree, to relax, to bathe or to bed… let sugar plums dance in your head. Curl up on the couch, by a crackling campfire, or on a boat adrift on delicate waves in the afternoon sun. Enter the land of fortune and fun! Click. Purchase. Give. Receive. Gift this book to a friend in need. Grab it like it’s a piece of pie with a fluffy dollop of velvety whipped cream! Skip! Run! Jump onboard this travelling kaleidoscope dream.


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The Grand Opening

Greetings fellow friends, it is true indeed that this blog is the Grand Opening of my new book. The best way to begin something is to just start. Open the book, turn the first page. Take the first step. Make the first move. Speak the first word. Conquer the first day. Go on that first date. Crack the first egg. Catch the first train. Get in the car, get on the plane. Jump! Open the door. Pick up the phone. Go for it!  Life is too short to sit back and let it happen. If there is something you know that you either have to do, or want to do… just do it!
Welcome aboard! Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself via this blog. My writing approach may appear to be avant-garde at times or perhaps a winding road trip, but I can assure you, you will enjoy the ride. Maybe you will find something here that piques your interest or captures your attention. The whole purpose for creating it is so that I may have an interactive platform to toss around all the plentiful ideas and concepts my new book contains. The concepts that are artfully expressed in the book are wonderful topics to start good relevant conversations about anything and everything that all people can engage, in order to have a successful, happy, good balanced life. We all want that. We all deserve to have that. And it’s fun to cross paths, debate, conversate, philosophize, theorize, exchange thoughts, and share stories with others who are headed in the same direction. We can all learn from each other, even lean on each other, grow from each other, and help each other to successfully survive on this planet in this life that may or may not be challenging at times.
I consider us pretty lucky to be in existence Circa 2016. With all due respect, our forefathers wore wigs, ruffles and knee stockings, sported heavy animal skin cloaks, and wrote with goose feathers by candlelight… I’d say we are pr-e-e-e-ty blessed to be in our world today. Wouldn’t you say? Living in this Age is quite fantastic really. And any good poet or artist of the 21st century should be able to indeed capture that. Maybe that’s my mode of operation. I find myself a wee bit obsessed with the fascinating concept of how brilliant and amazing our world has grown, and so far so fast!

Product Details & purchase Information are as follows: (for customer reference)

The book is published by BookonFire Press and is available via

 cover 104
View book on for Description & brief Author Bio. Purchase Kindle version for only $3.99 USD & click here to BUY NOW for $21.95 USD with Free Shipping to anywhere in the US! Buy Now Button  
Click Here>>> Book Link to Amazon

The book has quality for value, is a 7×10 inch paperback, chock full of colorful images and a brilliant glossy finish that will light up any table or shelf. I am proud of it, and feel very privileged to finally be able to share it.

Please feel free to click on the Amazon direct link to read excerpts, a full synopsis, a brief Author bio & current book reviews.

Go Laptops! Go Nooks! Go I-Pads and Tablets!
Go Kindle! Go Kindle!  It’s yer birthday!……just kidding:)
Like I said….Circa 2016. Goose feathers be gone!
 Peace out… cubs and scouts!