Like it or not, everything is changing

Enough of us have had enough, & because we worked hard to change ourselves over the past number of years, the world now has no choice but to match us. It’s Universal Law. The old system is crumbling & you, reader… are either crumbling with it, or choosing to change too. Change choosers… I am here to serve YOU! Keep up the great work. You are in the right place. Here, we don’t endorse the untruths anymore. The time is NOW. New Earth is dawning!

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The endgame is ALWAYS giving peace a chance, even though it may appear, at times, otherwise. I have been known to be… colorful, as they say. It may indeed be the Age of Aquarius, however, the Dark Ages are still in the air. Ya think?

You could say, I have a master’s degree in scattering the ashes of yesteryear. Everything I do, I am, I teach, speak, write, share, convey & communicate… is a BIG GIANT UPDATE. The old worn-out pain program we have all been so accustomed to over the years & centuries of incarnation upon incarnation… IS FINALLY EXPIRING. Thank God. Thus, I am here… to help “make humans free again.”

The name is Jenay (JZapp)… I was born A STARSEED…


Being a Starseed means that I am wired right, on point, in alignment, actively one with all life & pretty seasoned at how this all works here on this planet. I’ve had my share of mentors & masterclasses. Life experience, an understatement… & now, I appear here in front of good folks like you… to share, shine & shed AWARENESS, so that you can GROW too, kind reader!

Purified, like a diamond in the refiner’s fire… the karmic upheaval that taunted my first half of life will now be available in black & white, for all to see, in graphic, even slightly uncomfortable detail, in my new book called: “The Devil’s in the Detailz: The Untold Stories That Made Me Brave. Follow AUTHOR PAGE for alerts on New Releases.

That said… I AM HERE TO HELP. I have been to hell & back, love, lost, endured, rebounded, fell, crashed, burned, came out swinging, scrambled to stay alive & survived by the skin of my teeth. Being a proactive agent for the greater good actually means something. I came from a place of total despair, depression, defeat, anguish, anger & issues. So, to now be here, is an incredible accomplishment.

It took a whole lot of work to become a change-maker. First, I had to change myself. A true change-maker once had the pleasure of doing some pretty deep dark heavily dreaded dirty work first. Yip. Nice to meet ya, I’m what you call a REAL changemaker. Due to the intensity of the inner transformational work I once had to contend with, I make waves just by waking up in the morning. lol

Present-day, I think it’s safe to say that I am your trusted source for all things happy, healthy, healing, wise, 5D, New Earth & The Golden Age of humanity. I post reliable resources for things, & guide anyone reading onward & upward to live a best life NOW, in their best version suits. You won’t be lead astray here, friend. There ain’t no underlying off energy or stuck stagnant unhealed damage lurking anywhere around here. Nope.

I served myself well, & now I show up to serve you. I best serve all the people on the path of Soul Mastery. New Earth just dawned & it is calling forth Earth Guides to be of assistance. None of us are in the “closet” anymore. It is now officially The Age of Enlightenment & we are no longer afraid to be seen… or heard, frankly. I am the cosmic conduit you can rely on for Active Intel from Divine Deity, Source, God, & Benevolent Beings.

ANYONE with an open mind can come on board here

The content of my blog & books may be a little bit Quantum Physics, but it is definitely not Rocket Science. All content is user-friendly & contains bite-size soul snacks that will feed the need to know exactly what is going on here in our world, the land of opportunity we call America, on the Planet, & to the Human Race… bless their hearts, lol. All seven & a half BILLION of them (us).

I work with & for an Elite Team of Benevolent Spirit Guides who give me assignments daily

Most assignments are writing assignments where I am able to use my best gifts & abilities to administer to whoever may need the gifts or guidance that they spell out. Contained within all the reading material I am compelled to create, are playful instruction guides for living life BEST. They are “how to” books, step by step even, to establish & facilitate an easier “path of least resistance” while traveling through this life.

Everybody has a GIFT. We each have our own unique design, special skill, talent, ability, inborn trait that’s easy, fluid & natural to us. Call it: PURPOSE

Your main purpose is to find that purpose. When you find that purpose, your purpose is to then lead by example by BEING your purpose… by thus doing whatever it is that purpose has you do as a proactive agent for the greater good. That’s really all there is to it. It’s not some big complicated thing. Our biggest common denominator is that we are all souls in suits. As such, we have ONE big fat common mission here on this planet, & that is: soul mastery. The “seek ye FIRST” part of the “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, & all else shall be added unto you.” Jesus statement.

Great job on taking the time to click & visit today, btw

You are well on your way to expanding the greatness you already are. There are so many options available in this moment, & you chose to be here… somebody raised you right. Welcome aboard! This is not a ship, but a movement of open heart chakras that wish to amplify LOVE, the real kind. Each and every amazing person is important and valuable to this mission of light. So please… don’t forget to FOLLOW this blog accordingly. Be sure to (literally) flick a scroll all the way down… or to the right of this page, to catch all links & woke, non-sheeple article archives that will indubitably get your juices flowing.

TRUTH… doesn’t care about your opinion. Why?

Well, because the TRUTH is the real deal, & EVERYTHING ELSE, is B. S. better known as Belief Systems & BEST known as bullshit. If you are tired of bullshit, stop by this hot spot anytime & get fed with the TRUTH. Disclaimer: here I come ready or not, dropping Truth Bombs.

TRUTH… what is it?

In a world filled with endless illusions… endorsing TRUTH should be a cake choice. It’s the highest rock of ages amidst a bunch of stoned stones. In an era of botched robberies gone wrong, endorsing an honest gain should be a breath of fresh air, a no-brainer. Enter stage left AND right circa 2022… here comes the TRUTH all dolled up in perfection, beauty, grace & bold enterprise, decked in a no-frills vivid, stark, striking stature with a game face on.

Endorsing TRUTH doesn’t mean to hide under a rock until someone else has the courage or balls to go outside of the box. Endorsing TRUTH means debunking false perceptions. TRUTH requires a panoramic standpoint that supports ALL LIFE, because even animals have the right to live free. TRUTH requires us to come out of the wooly hot costume, take off the sheeple mask, & take a good hard look in the mirror. TRUTH recognizes anything less than itself, & acts to expose it.

TRUTH is ageless, timeless & never falters from its perfect pedestal because it is THE TRUTH. If there was gonna be something to be hopelessly drawn to, to fall for, be smitten by, shacked up with… the TRUTH would be the perfect partner. She delivers every time. TRUTH.

Get yours.

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December 21, 2020 was a very special winter solstice. It was a landmark event in the time-space continuum that will go down in history. It was the mark of the end of “The Dark Ages” of man. In Sanskrit, it is called the Kali Yuga: the age of conflict. We have been in a string of dark ages for quite some time. On 12.21.20, humanity officially birthed the Age of Aquarius. In Sanskrit, it is called Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga, which is the age of truth, virtue and righteousness. The Ancient Atlantean ones lived in this age long ago, & now we have come full circle. Let us rejoice… for finally, humanity has come to this beautiful dawning of the ages. 

“Live a soul-inspired life” is not just a trendy bumper sticker.




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