Attn Inquiring Minds: don’t dis yer fix

Exercise your right to total freedom here with practical, reliable, bitesize common sense ways to: enrich, enhance, advance your life & everyone in it just by being a better version of yourself. Shake for GOOD, all the disruptive, oftentimes rude, attachments, entanglements & entities that may have unconsciously been sabotaging your life by default all these years without permission. These books are here to help you become undone from that once & for all.

Clear cache here. Unhitch here. Unglitch here. Unstitch here. Unbitch here. And reclaim your awesome person suit. Gentle soul suit. Kind human suit. Chillaxed individual suit. Totally together, dressed for any kind of weather suit. My Elite Spirit Guide Team & I have your back at the highest most benevolent level & will not let you down here. I can promise you, that your life will be swept with excellence & new Springtime stardust if you choose to absorb the information in these two books.

I have been told by benevolent forces beyond my knowing that merely reading/listening to them is an INSTANT activation & will clean up your auric field just by the mere focussed intent to comprehend their new perspectives. Participation, engagement, a deliberate open mind, thus heart & a willingness to be flexible in thinking… is the key to YOUR NEXT LEVEL. All you have to do is walk through the doors of opportunity as they come.

Here is one now.

Click below to get your copies & be on your way to finally embodying the peace & harmony that only Gurus were thought to have access to. Be on your way to a worry-free fortunate existence once & for all that lasts way beyond this life & then some. The soul work you put in while in this human suit on this planet, the wisdom you gain, enlightenment & inner freedoms you accrue here, are permanent notches in the belt of your soul-self. You may not be able to take material wealth with you when you die, but you can sure as sh** take this kind of cosmic fortune. Mark my words. This is WHY your kindness matters in this life, etc etc etc.

At this stage of the game, circa Age of Aquarius 2021, there is nothing I want more in this life, at this time, than my books to go viral. Why? So our world can indeed be a better place… one by one, two by two, one family at a time, then one community at a time. World Peace is on the horizon & these two books will open the door for anyone who wants to be an ambassador. And this: I shall make happen, in one way or another, fam.

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