Life well lived

What exactly is a life well lived? Waking up before the crack of dawn to watch the beachfront sunrise, eyes hung over, half lit cute smile, bed head, banana bran breath, coffee lips, tent pitched, love rolls right over into the arms of the soul mate.

Treats. ice cream. Gummy bears. chips. A fair. A ferris wheel. A rollercoaster. A jet ski. a zip line. A scuba dive. A juiy fat burger with the works. A decorated chili dog. Cherry italian water ice in June. A sparkling sunny clear blue pool with a slide. Your sleeping bag. Salted carmel popcorn. A camp fire. The sizzle of a charring marshmellow. guitars. A drum line. A dance floor. Bolstering your satus & wealth? Flaunting a wild nite or a saucy tryst? Glorifying god? Praising a higher power. Church. Picking eachothers brains. Good convo? Graduating. A nighttime stroll in sand under a lazy mellow yellow moon & twinkly faint stars. A picnic. A smooth cigar. A ruby pour of cabernet. A stroll down memory lane. Pet whiskers. Tail wags.  A panoramic mountain view. An exhilarating run.  An endless high. A snuggle. A long nourishing bear hug. Grandmas cozy couch. Meata-balls-a & sausage & spaghetts & garlic wafting through the air. Pizza. A cold smoothie; A hot day. Dessert. An epiphany. An idea. a darn good nap. A fascinating trip. A scenic drive. A racing heart. An exciting challenge. Togetherness. Family. Friendship. Comradery. Collaboration. partnership. Team work!. Acheivement. success. Peace. Sleep. Simplicity. Great shoes. A new do. A new favorite thing. Comfy pants. Sexy feet. painted toes. Venting woes. Sharing dreams. making a birthday wish. Seeing results. Reaping rewards. Helping out. Feeling included. Gravy. Sauce. Dip. Banana pancakes & fresh squeezzed juice. Fresh wild caught fish. Strawberries straight from the patch. A super awesome  gig. A tour. A show. A concert. A walk in the deep melodramatic spooky woods in Fall. An amazing wave. A tender inspiring heart warming movie that reflects humanity in the sweetest most magnificant way. Winning. A wild road trip. Discovery. Learning. adventure. knock down drag out wonderful debate. Flirting. Feasting. Pillow talk!

There’s sure something to be said about pillow talk…

Is that too much to ask?

Waiter guy: “Good morning madame, welcome to Wishtown Diner, what can I get for you?”

Me: “I’ll have…. a big fat spongy waffle, strong hot coffee, a Sunday kind of love & pillow talk, please & thank you.”

Press Play!

Cheers! 🙏💕

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