Brand New Book Announcement


Greetings. Welcome to my announcement. Book #2 is at hand.

Title: Livin’ the Dream

Subtitle: The Law of Attraction is no Secret.

I chose this title to display the gist clearly. I used terms that are familiar to pop culture. This is a non-denominational, non-fiction, self-help guide on harnessing inner power for the means of manifesting dreams. Yet, it’s so much more than that though. It has a revolutionary spirit, & almost a singular hum of immaculate infinity. It’s current. It’s raw, real & fresh.

I am at a stage as an Author, writer, channeler… that everything I do is unconventional. That said, comic relief peppers my pages with a genuine edge of amusing true grit that we can all relate to, no apologies. Book #2 is a firecracker & it’s seasoned, just like me.

Small talk is a waste of my time, with all due respect, so I speak about stuff that’s meaningful & relevant, interesting & exciting. I write to serve. I do write to entertain, that’s the fun part. I write articles on my blog to reach people. I write books to assist the evolution of mankind.

Regular people. Anybody with an open mind or heart. Anybody wondering, questioning, confused, or misguided. Anybody inspired, evolved, or enlightened. Anybody walkin’ down the street, in a store line, on a phone, texting, talking, working, or sleeping. Anybody whose simple, or complex; sad, or happy; annoyed, or elated. All of it.

All of us. We are all students of life. No discrimination. No matter what mood you’re in. No matter what phase or stage. No matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from. We are all human people with a heartbeat. That is all you need to qualify here. That said, the book has a heartbeat. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Coming soon!

Livin’ the dream

The Law of Attraction is No Secret

Jenay D Zapparelli



September 2017


Will keep ya posted…


JZapp 🙂

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