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Greetings all, Happy Holidays. This goes out to all fans & followers.I would like to announce that the book I wrote & published 4 months ago has officially been rereleased uncensored as originally intended. My life story was missing, which was a vital piece to the puzzle.The dedication (rewritten to give credit where credit is due), the Intro has been updated accordingly & as I stated… Autobiography has been significantly turned upside down… to reflect the truth & my life story…key word: uncensored. Rated M for mature audiences. The book is now dedicated to Addicts, victims of abuse & their families, among others… if that crystallizes the view. 

Though compact in its composition, the real reason I wrote the book is now included & fully disclosed, as is my dramatic plight. The book is now compelling, whole & complete. The book now includes all of us, essentially. I believe that I have finally found my audience & also am able to furnish a distinct category for it: “Holistic Recovery; Self-help; Personal Transformation” (with a pop culture twist)….sounds about right.

Check it out!

The Book of Beautiful Feelings:                                                                                            
A Quintessential Guide to the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation
By: Jenay D Zapparelli
cover 104
Book Synopsis <<<<<(Book Promo & Author Review here) View book on as well. 
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