Welcome to your Vortex: the land of your highest excitement

dstWhat exactly does it mean to be in your Vortex? Well, It means: to live a life within your highest excitement, within your very best enjoyment, experiencing right in this moment what it is exactly that gives you the most fun, fulfillment, peace & happiness.

Life’s middle name is: Change. Whatever is the definition of your highest excitement at 10:42am, typically will not be your highest excitement later that day, or even, quite frankly @ 10:43.

So…remember to go wth the flow. For, life’s moments are fleeting as are the feelings we have in them. With that said, follow the pretty lights across the horizon as you drive…cause that is where your Vortex is…& will always be. Inside the experience & expression of your highest excitement indeed, is where you will be in your Vortex & be most available to the plentiful pleasurable ideas, gifts, gratuities & graces that are all yours for the taking.

With that said, I bid thee a happy journey today! See how many moments you can live inside your Vortex today. The more, the merrier! Gravitate to the pull of it. Whatever makes you feel the most happy & excited to be alive in this moment now….do it! Be it! Have it! Feel it! See it! Know it!  Hold it! Touch it! Grow it! Perpetuate the wonderful & great! It’s really truly never too late. Tune in, tap in, & turn on! It EZ! Go for it!

Peace out, serendipitous Scouts!

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