The FLAME of Art, music, poetry, wordcraft, foodcraft all blending together in a swirl of culture in any city, place, your town, my town, any town USA. Fringing and feathering any community, land, hidden hamlet, main street, store, museum, mall, or game we watch or play. Stirring through the fair, down the strip, stage, restaurant row, festival ground. All aboard the 21st century merry go round. Where all things creatively emerge and are given the chance to shine & surge.

Jumping with fever, with flavor…are the distinct  sentiments we savor. Charming, charismatic, creative and clever, cohesive to timeless or hashtag forever. Firey, flaming, hot… a churning magnificent melting pot. Breaking waves, breaking news, breaking bad, good, or shattering views. Sometimes silly or savvy or an ode to a secret confession. Sometimes a cultural christening, a welcome relief, always a testimony to expression.

It is free from an everyday grind or a life in a bind. Captivating, sparking, seducing, or feeding the recesses of the imaginative mind. All of our innermost desires displayed while all roles and rehearsals are played. Splat on a wall, in a gallery or hall. Tickling airwaves or strewn across a stage… painted on canvas, poised on a plate or posted on a page.

Sailing through sky like an albatross… a wide wingspan of flow infuses the tasty tapestry of a soup or a sauce. Wired into a rockin’ rhythm or righteous rhyme…slipping thru our senses, spiking our time. With that one true heartbeat that will defy gravity and float in mid air without a care. Dark or light, nothing wrong or right. Could be triumphant or sad or tragic but always raw, real & making marvelous magic. Exceeding the status quo….making us grow. The place we all feel some kind of famous some kind of free…the place where the FLAME of Art, music, poetry, wordcraft, foodcraft brims with the evidence of Eternity. Sha—zam!

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