Particles of Promise


Particles of promise float in the air. They pop and drop and spread everywhere. Hittin’ walls, jumping down halls. Pounce! Ping! Poof! Pang! These little guys zip, zing, zang. They ripple, race, rise. They twinkle, they sparkle, are a sight for sore eyes. They tease, they trend, they’re around the next bend… They travel light, they travel free, they whisper kind odes to the enemy. They blast, fly fast past. They’ll tickle, tumble, ring. They will hum, hoot and sing. They give us goose bumps or a chilly spine, they dizzy above a glass of breathing wine. They twist, they turn, they flare. They flicker, they burn like an ember through air. They are white hot little bright dots. They are right around you now. Pow! Pa pow pow pow!!

Pick me! Pick me! lol

May the force be with you dusttt


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