Thank you note

thanxThis little thank you note goes out to all friends, fans, and gracious followers who spread love, likes, shares, ideas, thoughts, replies, comments, and reviews. We are all blessings to each other on this planet of social media. As we each plant seeds, we also plant the flowers that will grow up through the fertile ground of this great and wonderful grassy platform that we all bounce around upon. Many thanks go out to those of us who decorate the landscape with flowers not weeds, and choose to infuse goodness instead  of poison with pollution.We channel resources, and spread unity & community and oneness of a higher vibratory frequency through the social cyber circles that we frequent daily. Just like music raises our consciousness, so do we do this via expressing our thoughts and feelings, perspectives, opinions, beliefs and convictions. We essentially choose to raise awareness via passing on valuable nuggets of wisdom, knowledge, Art, sound, visions, or ideas through this vast medium called: The Information Highway. By picking and choosing what to ingest, absorb, pass forward, present, or share, we each then are individually choosing to have an influence on someone somewhere throughout the day in this vast omniverse of virtual villages.

Thank you everyone, for coming out and showing appreciation for the next guy. Thanks for spreading wealth, showing favor, acknowledging heart, creating good karma, paying it forward, gifting and giving your attention. Most of all, thank you for pausing to take a few moments of precious time to read, visit links, click share, hit follow, and purchase products or books. Thanks for the retweet, reblog, repost and tapping the like button several times. Thanks for noticing. What comes around goes around. If we all support each other in this great big merry-go-round of life, then we can have a much greater chance of succeeding and achieving all of our lovely goals, realizing our dreams and manifesting our visions. Like a magical wand with fairy dust…..spread the good vibes, baby!wandMay today bring you wealth, health, happiness, freedom, love, laughter and great personal satisfaction. Personal satisfaction is not a selfish goal to keep secret or hide. It is a charming necessary deep inner desire to carry with us at all times. Personal satisfaction feels like that awesome feeling of warm tingly sunshine that infuses our whole body right when we get out of a pool or the ocean and flop down on that beach towel. That. That’s that perfect cozy feeling of total happy. Lets have that today…….and every day hereafter…shall we?


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