Aging and the Form ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Thank you, Lady L’Aura Plaiadian! ❤

The New Divine Humanity


Aging is a concept one can either accept and expect, or something that too, is up for transformation in consciousness.

When ONE completely lives in the awareness that they are LIGHT, and all beliefs connected to fear of aging are gone, then ONE literally awakens powerful Aspects of the Light Body, that KNOWS itself as this Holographic experience of Light.

There is NO aging in that and there is no looking and manipulating the external to create an effect of stopping the so-called again process.

BELIEFS impact your REALITY.

Your choices IMPACT your consciousness. AS, they reinforce or TRANSFORM any reactive states, based on past conditioning. That is what KARMA is.

What are you believing about age? Because the governments want us to have an ID that give us an age, do WE NEED to believe that as TRUTH. That we are that age? Do we judge or accept OTHERS based…

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