Defining Success

13466469_715375568605053_4104507221477251976_n“I am successful because I continue to learn how to give and give and give. I also continue to learn how to receive, receive, receive.” Success is this sweet little hot spot where we know inherently that we are immune from any and all stereotypical stoplights because we are confident champions of our brands, beliefs and plights. I am successful because I thank the Universe for my success despite its status. The wave of fortune then will smile upon me with the sparkling eyes of fate and the dreamy heart of destiny. Defying the gravity of failure, odds or probability, success soars forth! The poetry of my soul will shine through, and the reason you have read thus far, is cause….YOU indeed, are successful TOO!

Accomplished…yes! Driven…yes! Rewarded…yes! Desires pictorialized in visions and dreams…yes! Sheer faith…yes! Camaraderie…yes! Stomping doubts and fears…yes! Ignoring negative Nellys…yes!

Today’s Check List:

Be loving

Be kind

Be silly

Be wise

Be free

Be fun

Informed. Aware. Balanced. In tune. Aligned.

Shine. Share. Care. Dazzle. Dream.

Do what you love.

Give. Receive.

Know how you feel. Say what you mean.

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