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Book on fire! Love wins.

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Whether it is an encouraging word, a positive thought, an insightful observation, a delightful notion, a humorous hoot or holler, a mood or message, relatable rant, uplifting prayer or empowering affirmation….pass it on!

And….for the love of God! Pass this on too!

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…to all your peeps, friends, family, associates, acquaintances….get a sister on board! With all your social circuits and scenarios, network connections, followers, Facebook friends, circles, chats,  coworkers, customers, class or team, organization, focus group or congregation. Whomever you lollygag around with on a Sunday afternoon at the beach bar or ball field….lol. Pass it on! Pay it forward!


Let’s just say: for the sake of entrepreneurial spirit.

In support of your local artist, talent, author, musician, poet, skilled professional, entrepreneur, or aspiring athlete, student, graduate, or chef…. in ambitious pursuit of their dreams, visions, and goals. The integrity, respect, honor, success, pride, value…

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