Open the Doors

Open the Doors, Let in the Light. Give the house a chance to be bright. The house of your heart. The house of your soul. The house of the living things that land in your bowl. Whatever may ramble… around in the mind, give yourself a chance to chillax and unwind. The day is short or the day is long. Time matters not, when it’s all gone. So, attempt to live in the moment. It’s all we got. It’s the story of the future, so create that good plot. If you can hear the crashing waves down the way….where little sea things play, it’s a good sign. It indicates the presence of magic rising above the grind. There is no tellin’ what’s in the wind or wave….around the corner, in the next day we pave. But today we can laugh, giggle, be wise, helpful, insightful, focused or free. In the current moment we can choose to feel good and just be. No pressure, no strain, no heartache or pain. Feels good to be fresh, like a Spring falling rain. Sounds  like a plan and an honorable stand. A score for the team, life is but a dream. Maybe it’s all it takes to be a real, righteous man or a sharp dressed leader of a golden lavish land. Or a goddess, for sure….riding on the wings of an ethereal evermore….

Pick up your pieces, flip the frown..give it all ya got….by layin’ the law down. Hey!! Don’t feel blue or gray…

Feel good today! 


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Namaste ❀








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