Welcome! And, thank you for clicking Follow! I am inviting each of you to stay connected, as I introduce each of you to all the benefits and blessings that words that hold light provide. Speaking from a place of integrity and spirit, I am a new author in the midst of my humble beginnings, and I surely do indeed appreciate your attention. This endeavor I’m travelling is on the wings of Love and Light, and in perfect proper alignment with my highest good. I only wish to convey messages and captivate eyes and audiences with wisdom decorated by imagination.

The book I wrote and published was my destiny. And it turned into such a gorgeous work of art that I am so proud of.

I am an ambassador for the underdog, women, health, wellness, spiritual connection and self-empowerment through the practice of Universal Law, and all principles discussed in the book. The book grew out of my successful survival of a quite troublesome life path. I made it! I am here, and a sparkling gem came out of it. My goal is to not gain notoriety and fame in some self-gratifying way…..but it is to get the book out to as many people as possible so that it can reach and touch as many hearts as possible. This is my mission.  Even though I wrote the book, it seems to me as if it has written itself through me, because every day I discover something new in it that reintroduces me to self-love, self-worth, connection, faith, and fortune. It seems to continue to teach me something new every time I read a piece of it. It can be read cover to cover, or simply skipped to fun parts as needed. It’s a textbook for those that might be battling an addiction, or simply not happy for some reason. The book has the ability to give a lonely person a friend, a hopeless person encouragement, restore faith in humanity, and give us a sweet nostalgic reminiscence of our history and heritage. I am a die hard Gen-X fan, as the book rolls out its whimsical folly. It will make you giggle out loud and perceive things in a new way as it sheds a few invaluable nuggets of wisdom from ancient roots, not to mention it’ll make anyone feel good. I truly believe there is something in it for just about everyone. The book quite frankly feels timeless, like that great classic song that never fades away.

I am inviting you to feel free to peruse the plentiful posts on the blog. Appearing there, are all chapter overviews, a complete book synopsis, and plenty of insightful cool fun posts that showcase my writing style…

I am inviting you to view any and all blog posts launched from now forward….because there is so much more in store!

I am inviting you to please visit, to catch a ride on the wild odyssey of my little cool book I created. It’s a gift. But, a gift is not a gift, unless it is received!

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