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Recently I have just discovered how very important it is for a new author on Amazon to have reviews…as many as possible for that matter.

I was speaking with an Amazon employee recently.

I asked her, “What’s the most helpful thing an author can do to improve conversion of their book page?”

This is what she told me:

“By far, the most important thing an author can do is get more customer reviews.”

With that said…

Anyone that will be reading my book is encouraged to write a short review on Amazon. It would be greatly appreciated. I am actually requesting it as a favor.

If I can accompany the book launch with a torrent of Amazon customer reviews, it will greatly improve sales and credibility. The more reviews, the better. I realize most of you have not read the book yet, or received it. But when you have, if you could each do me the kindness of writing a short sweet review, it would help me considerably. Thank you so much!! And, again, thank you all for your loving support…

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Happy Reading!

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