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My venture is a generous one with proper intentions, brimming with ideas, current mainstream pop culture, nostalgia, and wisdom, all with cutting edge landscapes of imagination… and never short of a good giggle. All content will be poised with practical tips, hints, clues for beating the blues, and maintaining balance and flow so as to stay in alignment with Universal magic.  My blog and book are fun, and filled with love and light. They will have a gritty underlying edge, just like the Author… yours truly. You never know what little tidbit could appear on my blog or in my book and/or along the mystique of my travels that will be valuable to your life path. Heck, my blog just might end up having a huge following that could be very well passed over to your product, business or brand as well. I learned how to share in kindergarten…lol. So! Try Me! This could end up being a superfly  marketing sensation! For all!! 

Again, I created this website, to accompany my first published book. Some might recall, in 2014, I was in hot pursuit of manifesting my dream. Two years later, it is achieved, and I am pleased to make this announcement to the public. What is great about all this, is now that I have set a standard, and have successfully established a home for my creative endeavors….I will be able to produce many more works going forward, much more efficiently. That’s a sweet little prospect. Life is short. Movin’ and shakin’ is preferred in this town….:)

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The Book of Beautiful Feelings:
A Quintessential Guide to the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation
By: Jenay D Zapparelli

cover 104

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