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The Book of Beautiful Feelings:
A Quintessential Guide to the Art & Skill of Deliberate Creation
By: Jenay D Zapparelli 

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cover 104

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Whether it is an encouraging word, a positive thought, an insightful observation, a delightful notion, a humorous hoot or holler, a mood or message, relatable rant, uplifting prayer or empowering affirmation….pass it on!

And….for the love of God! Pass this on too!

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…to all your peeps, friends, family, associates, acquaintances….get a sister on board! With all your social circuits and scenarios, network connections, followers, Facebook friends, circles, chats,  coworkers, customers, class or team, organization, focus group or congregation. Whomever you lollygag around with on a Sunday afternoon at the beach bar or ball field….lol. Pass it on! Pay it forward!


Let’s just say: for the sake of entrepreneurial spirit.

In support of your local artist, talent, author, musician, poet, skilled professional, entrepreneur, or aspiring athlete, student, graduate, or chef…. in ambitious pursuit of their dreams, visions, and goals. The integrity, respect, honor, success, pride, value, and true achievement of our wonderful communities across the globe, are built by those who honor their true callings and use their talents and gifts. We admire these people, look to them as mentors and leaders, and use them as good healthy examples to teach our children; anything is possible in this life if you believe in yourself and the power of the God or Goddess within you!

The Book:

This is not your average read.


Take it to the beach, the pool, on the plane, on the train, on vacation, out on the porch swing, the bus, the backseat, to the grassy knoll under a tree, to relax, to bathe or to bed… let sugar plums dance in your head. Curl up on the couch, by a crackling campfire, or on a boat adrift on delicate waves in the afternoon sun. Enter the land of fortune and fun! Click. Purchase. Give. Receive. Gift this book to a friend in need. Grab it like it’s a piece of pie with a fluffy dollop of velvety whipped cream! Skip! Run! Jump onboard this travelling kaleidoscope dream.


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