Chapter Ten: Pack some snax, come follow the moon, catch a ride on the El-Train

This chapter will tantalize your taste buds, make you smitten by nature, then bedazzle you with a visionary adventure of the coolest parts of the concrete jungle.
The reader will be truly indoctrinated by “Beautiful Feelings” and by the very amusement of this chapter. This is yet another one of the author’s colorful attempts to sweep the reader off their feet by serving them with a bounty of magnificent “Beautiful Feelings.” The author is a Culinary Arts graduate, which actually makes her a true authority on the subject of “snax.” She has a lot of fun with this one, and so will the reader.
The very last paragraph is actually the song lyrics to “Ghostbusters” from the 1980s motion picture film. It is humorously placed there as a sprightly segue to the final chapter, eleven…..which speaks of banishing the proverbial “ghosts” of past thought habits and patterns.

Almost home!

Stick around…