Chapter eight: Pop Culture

This chapter is broken down into seven sub-genres. They are as follows:
A. American Holidays
B. Tattoos
C. Threads & Ornaments
D. Tee Shirts & Bumper Stickers
E. Talking Heads
F. Books
G. Smell Goods
Under each heading, you will find a synopsis narrating each of their cultural standpoints. Each piece is wildly exploited in order to proliferate the beautiful feelings they give to our lives. With sovereign grace, this chapter truly defines “pop culture” in terms of “Beautiful Feelings,” and gives new meaning to it.
It is also a short sweet tribute to America, tattoo artists, and mainstream media, giving ever so graciously: credit, where credit is due.
Chapter eight truly encompasses a vast sprawling spectrum of Beautiful Feelings, all originating from the very loins of “Pop Culture” herself.

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