Chapter Seven: Connection

The first 3 pages of this chapter are written cruising trails of interrelated words, in the form of lists, series’, and skats. The objective is always to climactically produce beautiful feelings via vivid visual imagery, however, there is a dual purpose in this chapter. The other ambition here, is to effectively demonstrate how all things connect in some way. These strung word groups are in place to show how everything indubitably has a connection even in seemingly illogical ways.
By the 4th page, the chapter breaks out into a body of information on “connection.” These next few pages reiterate the importance of our interrelated connectedness, and how it clearly makes us genuinely responsible for our own individual existences. The chapter moves to define “karma” and “love” in more detail, and officially introduces for the first time: “the moving forward process.” It uses these concepts to outline methods to elude or escape a stagnant state of life.
It closes by making suggestions on how to transform bad karma into good karma in order to expedite the steady flow of beautiful feelings via deliberate creation.

I feel honored and privileged to have this new platform to unravel daily, chapter by chapter, my new book. Thank you for your curiosity, time, & attendance to my daily featured content.

Today, I am grateful… because there is always a reason to smile, laugh, love, and give.

Be blessed always,