Chapter Four: Thoughts to Think

This chapter starts out with a continuation of the playful examples of “thoughts to think” that ended the last chapter. This leads ever so fervently to paragraph upon paragraph of delineative narratives, of all things that actively aim to tenaciously propagate Beautiful Feelings.
Like a song mellifluously flowing through air, these accounts aspire to draw the reader in, and bring them to life, there in that very moment. The visionary context is based on a manifold of perceptions and observations the author has experienced throughout her life. The subjects range from, cats, dogs, the desert, the sea, wild animals, folklore, festivities, American pastimes and much more. This chapter displays a fondness for these things, through the multidimensional ways in which they are bursting with detail. The author certainly shows her endearment, and graciously delivers it to the reader.
In the end, all the many trails of thoughts and feelings comprised within this chapter, serve solely the purpose of opening up the portals of the mind to incite the marvelous bounty of Beautiful Feelings.


Thank you kindly!

Love & light, all day long……!